Jennifer Hudson Goes To Great Lengths To See Her Son

Jennifer Hudson is filming the Winnie Mandela biopic Winnie in South Africa and flew back to the US to see her 19-month-old son David – for just one day. The actress said she was motivated by the memory of her late mother, who she said would have done the same thing for her children.

“You know what? My momma would do it for me, so I needed to go and see about my child, and I hopped on that plane,” the actress said. “That’s things my mother would have done. Everything I do, I do from example, like, ‘What she would have done for us.’ ”

Jennifer’s mother Darnell Donnerson was murdered in October 2008 along with her brother and seven-year-old nephew. The Dreamgirls stars says she is heavily influenced by her late-mother’s parenting style. Asked if she considers her mother’s reaction when making decisions she said, “All the time, definitely. That’s the example, that’s what I go by, like ‘What would my mom do? How did she do it?’

“Even when I’m bouncing him on my knee, you know?”

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  • Jen Fan

    That’s a good Momma by doing your best and looking to good parenting examples as best you can. Leaving her son has to be a very hard thing to do, but necessary when traveling out of the country, and you decide that is not a trip he should make.

  • Anonymous

    All these celebrities talk about being so GREEN and try to sound like such caring parents (which I am sure they are) but hello, flying across an ocean for one day or one weekend with your child. Flying is one of the worst ways to pollute.
    Will Smith did the same thing when his son was filming The Karate Kid

  • SiervaMaria

    I don’t want to come off judgemental but I believe that it’s to long of a shot. Why isn’t the baby with you?! I’m having a hard time with this one since I adore Jennifer. Honest. I love her to bits but not processing why she doesn’t have her child with her.

  • Cindy

    Yeah, I like Jennifer Hudson and all, and I understand not traveling with your baby. But what I DON’T understand is sort of trying to put her on a pedastal because she “goes to great lengths” to SEE her son? For a day? I go to great lengths to get my work done at work instead of bringing it home so that I can spend time with my daughters. I get up early to get chores done so that when my daughters wake up, I can do stuff with them, instead. I do that every day. That’s what mother’s do.

    • Anonymous

      The baby couldn’t travel with her because he was too young to take some of the meds/vacacinations needed before traveling to Africa for the filming. She flew commercial if you have a problem with her than you should have a problem with the business people who fly multiple times a week

      • Cindy

        WHATT?? Re-read, please. I clearly stated that I did NOT have a problem with him not traveling. I said I didn’t think we needed to glorify her for going out of her way to spend a day with her kid. That’s what mother’s do, and I didn’t find it special in any way. I think you were looking for an argument; you’ll need to look elsewhere!

  • Ondine

    That is a less than flattering bust line on what otherwise appears to be a beautiful dress she’s wearing. Doesn’t she have advisers or stylists who can be truthful w/ her? Apparently not.

    • Anonymous

      thats what i was gonna say, that dress does not fit with her boobs. they look like little smooshed pancakes.

    • antigoniem

      She was wearing worse when she hired Andre Leon Talley (editor at large for Vogue) to style her.

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