Kelly Rutherford’s Take On Spoiling Her Kids

As a single, working mom, Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford says that she’s trying hard to teach her kids Hermés, 3, and Helena, 2, “the way the world works.”

“They have an awareness of the world, but they understand that Mommy goes to work,” Kelly tells OK! “Some days my son says ‘Mommy, why do you go to work?’ and I say ‘because I have to be able to buy cupcakes and toys.’ There’s a relation to things.”

Though the small screen star admits she sometimes spoils her children, she’s quick to point out that in a way it’s actually paid off!

“We’ll go to the toy store. From the time he was little, both of them, I tell them they can have whatever they want, and what happens is now he doesn’t want everything,” Kelly says. “You go, ‘You can have it,’ but then he says ‘well, I don’t want that.’ He’s much more specific about what he likes.”

She’s happy to buy her kids whatever they want, but the 42-year-old actress says that the best way to “spoil” them is with time and attention.

“My son still wants me to carry him, so I’ll just carry him for blocks on end,” she admits. “Hanging out with them spoils them a lot. Giving of your time, your energy and your focus. I find that that’s what he loves the most. Cooking with them and hanging out I think is the best way to spoil your kids. Being there.”

With her divorce from her ex Daniel Giersch behind her, Kelly seems in no rush to find a new romance, saying that motherhood fulfills her: “The whole situation is so much fun. If you look at it that way, it’s just probably the greatest joy in the world, ever, to be with your kids, watch them grow up, watch them go through the different phases, especially if you’re lucky enough to have two children and see their differences and how they get along and their relationship develop. It’s just beautiful.”

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  • Anonymous

    She’s raising brats!

  • Anonymous

    Cute children, but sorry, she’s not a “star”.

    • LaKesha

      She absoluely is a star.

  • Courtney

    annon my thoughts exactly ms Ruthoford is not a star she just acts like one. also agree Herems and Helena are spoiled brats because they think mama dearest is a big shot

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the definition of a star has certainly changed. Sandra Bullock is a star. Nicole Kidman is a star. Kate Winslet is a star. Natalie Portman is a star. This woman is NOT a star by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Solène

    She’s much more of a star than those celebrity wannabes/TV reality trash like Kendra Wilkinson or the Kardashians.

    • Anonymous

      Those people aren’t stars either. Okay, maybe the Kardashians qualify since everyone knows who they are. This woman is nobody and is known more for her acrimonious divorce and attention-seeking than for her acting. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Giving your kids time and attention is not spoiling them! That is absolutely the essence of being a parent. What is this woman thinking?

  • Anonymous

    So the best way to raise your children is to give them whatever material items they want? That sure sounds like great parenting to me. She’s in for one hell of a ride as they get older.

  • Anonymous

    I love Kelly but WOW! she’s raising brats…

  • Tara

    Why is it considered bratty to want to be carried by your mom? It’s not like he is 34 asking for this.

    Also giving your children treats is not spoiling them. She never stated that they throw fits until they get what they want. If you have it to spend, who are we to judge?

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