Matthew McConaughey On Parenting: We Run A Tight Ship

Matthew McConaughey is a doting dad to son Levi and 15-month-old daughter Vida. But that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games – the Lincoln Lawyer star says he and partner Camila Alves aren’t afraid to show some tough love.

“Discipline is very cool. We run a tight and fun ship,” he said. “I’m very playful but parents have the advantage of being around for so much longer. If we’re going to sit there and teach our kids that life has consequences, they’re going to turn 18 and go out in their own world.”

Matthew believes in showing kids that they have a responsibility to show respect to those around them. “They’re going to find it the hard way. You do it early so they understand how the world works and what is expected of them, not only as a citizen, but as their family name, as a McConaughey, things like that,” he said.

But the actor thinks that not enough parents put an emphasis on discipline. “I’ve known too many kids – and some of them have been my friends – that did not turn out to be worth [anything] because the parents let them do whatever they wanted to do. They’ve turned out to be junk.”

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  • Annika

    “they did not turn out to be worth [anything]” ..” They’ve turned out to be junk.”
    How can he speak like that about people? About his friends?

  • Anonymous

    Letting your kid run around in a loaded diaper and crap in the ocean is not exactly “running a tight ship”.

  • Anonymous

    I know his children are mixed race but he needs a DNA on the girl because she looks nothing like him.

  • Anonymous

    What are you all on about!!! His daughter looks like him, his children still need to have fun so playing in the sea the nappy will get soaked (incase you didn’t notice it also said he was playful) ! Children need discipline but they also need to have fun and looked after 🙂
    Matthew is a great father and at least you see him out with his children and no nannies (only grandparents)!!
    Love Matthew and Levi & Vida are beautiful 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Why be so negative? I think it is fantastic that a famous parent is honoring the merits of discipline. Look at Suri vs. Levi.

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