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@tinymajormama My 2 little men getting ready to gobto their brothers Domani’s party

@Pink Alright… Flight delayed 3 hrs… But as my daddy always said…. Any flight you walk away from is a good one…

@JennyMcCarthy Evan just fired me. Anybody want to take my position? He doesn’t pay well.

@jennajameson true friends are hard to find…. True partners are harder

@goconstance Oy! Anybody got any ideas as to WHAT to do with a bored 2yr old stuck in the house for 2 days!!!!!

@FreeJesseJames Sitting here on the plane listening to a little dog cry out in the cargo hold below me, Making my lingering sadness today even worse.

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Photo credit: Tameka Harris' Twitter

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  • Anonymous

    @ Jenna Jameson: A “true partner” doesn’t beat you up. Please seek help.

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