New Mom Doutzen Kroes Is Back To Work

Just two months after welcoming her first child, model mom Doutzen Kroes is back to work.

The 26-year-old beauty took a break from her waterfront shoot in Miami Beach, Florida yesterday when she got a visit from her sweet son Phyllon Joy Gorré. What a cutie!

Earlier this month Doutzen, who is married to DJ Sunnery James, posted a Twitter pic of her nursing her newborn while on a shoot for L’Oreal, writing, “Working mom;) feeding my precious baby between pictures…”

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  • Annie123

    Glad to see a super model with normal mommy boobs (in pic 4) and not an alien like gisele who looks like a 14 year-old teenager even after giving birth.

    • Janna

      Wow. Way to berate someone for what their natural body type is. Do you also put people down for being over 6′ tall? Under 5′ tall? Wide-hipped? Narrow-hipped? Red-headed? Blue eyed?

      You, my dear, are a prime example of someone whose jealousy makes them feel like they have the right to be overly-critical.

      • annonymous

        The user already stated the reasons and apologized before you wrote this hypocritical overly-critical comment. THINK ABOUT IT

  • Isa

    Anne123- Damn, I hate to defend Gisele but I look like a 13 year old boy in the chest area. Even after I gave birth. My breasts just don’t grow. They don’t produce much milk either. 🙁 so every woman is different.

    Doutzen does look amazing. Love her legs and her BFing picture is so sweet!

    • Annie123

      Sorry Isa, I guess I’m a bit frustrated with my saggy mom-boobs and felt good seeing those pictures. No offense to the lovely flat chests out there! We’re beautiful in all shapes in sizes ladies.

  • baby wearing mama

    I am just glad for the nursing props, not impossible to work and nurse, even for models. 🙂

    • Victoria

      Depends on what the job is, a model’s job is far from being strenuous. I mean she’s at a photoshoot on the beach, where everyone can take 5 and go stick their feet in the water while she nurses. I hope I’m not coming off as a b*tch and I’m not trying to jump on you, but everyone’s lifestyle and job is different, so how BFing fits into everyone’s life is also going to be different.

      • annonymous

        I agree with you Victoria, i doubt a business woman could just take breaks whenever she wants and have someone waiting with her baby outside the office so she can nurse. I doubt a nurse after dealing with people with diseases can just bf after all the stress and have someone waiting in the hopital with her kid to come on break. It would be nice to have your husband just waiting for you at your job with your kid and between your breaks(i doubt a lot of people have more than just one) you hug and kiss and breastfeed your child while sitting on a sofa like doutzen is doing, but it’s not reality. I would also wonder if i were to take off my shirt and bra and be naked waist up would the public treat me the same? or would i get constant remarks from my co workers from then on to the day i die about how my breasts look and how innappropraite it was for me to do that.

    • Carry

      actually it is almost impossible in a lot of jobs and not being around your child for a long time so then the milk starts drying up and the baby starts being attached to the bottle more, it really is difficult. I heard now though there is a law that jobs are suppose to provide nursing places for women expressing milk instead of just a washroom cubicle for a woman like they use to do. Women have to do so much for children and yet in return don’t get recognized for all the hard work they do and put into their children. It’s sad. Kudos the Doutzen and her kid!

  • AnnieMouse

    The breast feeding photo is BEAUTIFUL!!

    • annonymous

      Yes, the breastfeeding photo is beautiful, it shows how much babies need mothers. How much nature made women for babies and babies for women, i can’t imagine a child growing up without a mother or barely being able to see their mother. (Although now a days with demanding jobs and people having 2 work even 2 jobs to financially support their family, it’s becoming more horrible for babies and kids because they rarely get to see their moms anymore which is probably why the crime rate is so high now.) Women have it so hard, having to work to get paid and having to work for free by caring for a kid probably one of the hardest jobs in the world, worn out to the extreme after doing both

    • annonymous

      The breastfeeding photo is gorgeous

  • annonymous

    I’m surprised Phyllon doesn’t look like they typical biracial half white half black boy he looks like from India sort of.

    • annonymous

      I mean Pakistan. sorry

  • Anonymous

    I am from the Netherlands (or Holland) and we all ADORE her and the baby!

  • Anonymous

    I find the comments about the looks of a baby boy offensive. I will bet all my money that he will develop into a really good looking boy, and all you mean women will eat your words.

    • canman

      I’m a man! Not a woman! Looks like all my other comments about this baby have been deleted! I tell the truth people didn’t have to report my answers. ANYWAYS back to what i was saying before in my previous comments. If you look at the fan page for this site a lot of the people who liked this site from their facebook are MEN! Since all my comments about this baby have been reported looks like i can no longer comment on this baby. Looks like censoring people is very strong here.

  • Anonymous

    Ouch, You got to be kidding, having many men on this site makes the alarm bells ring for me.

    • Lisa Weber

      The offensive comments about the child’s looks have been removed. They were all made by the same commenter.

  • Anonymous

    She’s really gorgeous!! and the baby looks so natural in her arms.

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