Pete Wentz & Bronx’s Day Out

Two-year-old Bronx spent the day with his dad Pete Wentz – the pair were spotted heading to a friend’s house in Beverly Hills, California (March 21).

It looks like Pete decided to ditch the mane of curls he’s been rocking recently, showing off a clean-cut new ‘do instead. Do you like it?

Bronx seems to be splitting his time between his parents since they announced their surprising split last month – we spotted the adorable toddler out with mom Ashlee Simpson just yesterday.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    I love Pete’s new haircut, it makes him look so grownup and handsome.

  2. Ondine

    Poor guy, look how pale and desperate his face is. This is the picture of a man who has lost everything and is holding on tight to the only thing remaining that matters to him. At least he has a son who bears his name.

  3. Sara

    Wow Pete looks very nice. Their Bronx is such a cute little boy now. All the best for Bronx as the parents go their separate ways.

  4. P!nk

    They do have the same nose.

  5. Anonymous

    I believe he is Pete’s, but the nose is Grandpa Joe’s! (Ashlee’s dad)

  6. E

    i dont think he is cute at all.. either of them! hopefully bronx will grow into his looks

  7. Peta

    The clean cut look also helps in court. Just saying.

  8. Anonymous

    trust me, it’s not his kid. he knows it. she knows it. it’s a known fact in their tight circle.

    and about the nose business – find a pic of ashlee as a baby. HER nose.

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