Report: Rachel Zoe Is In Labor

Celebrity stylist and reality TV star Rachel Zoe is in labor, Too Fab reports.

The 39-year-old – who is married to businessman Rodger Berman – is reportedly at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.

Just last week, we spotted the fashionista strutting around Beverly Hills in six-inch leopard print boots.

Rachel dresses Hollywood A-listers such as Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Anne Hathaway and Penelope Cruz.

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

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  1. Courtney

    hopefully that poor innocent baby is born healthy. unfortunately he couldn’t pick his parents otherwise Rachel wouldn’t be his mama she’s irresponsible and using the pregnancy baby for publicity

  2. Courtney

    don’t tell me not to have chldren what I said was my oppinion sorry if I offended you. I want kids but probably can’t have them because I have a bleeding disorder which makes it more dangerous for me to be pregnant. at least I said I hope the baby is healthy

    • Anonymous

      Hey Courtney – I bet Mariah Carey is going to be a TERRIBLE mother.

      • Victoria

        Hey Anonymous what a mean thing to say, and why would you try to sling mud at someone else just to try to hurt another person. All that did was make you look disrespectful, silly, and hurtful. And I’m sure she’s going to be a fantastic mother.

        Really I don’t know where any of you people can get off saying that someone in the public eye is going to be a terrible parent, because you don’t know them.

        • abby

          what is the difference between them saying she’ll be a terrible parent and you saying you are “sure she’s going to be a fantastic mother”? granted, one is an insult but both are just assumptions, how can anyone know or be sure what kind of parent she will be?

  3. Elizabeth

    I still don’t understand how she GOT pregnant and was able to ovulate. She was skin and bones like nicole Richie was.

  4. Helena

    I agree with you Elizabeth, I don’t get it either. She has been trying for years I think, at least that’s what I read somewhere. Maybe fertility treatments helped.

  5. Anonymous

    39 my ass! More like 45…

  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous 854, Elizabeth & Helena, you all read my mind. Anonymous, I doubt 39 is her real age. When you look at other celebs that are in their 40’s and freely admit it (Sandra, Jennifer Aniston, etc.), they look years younger than Rachel Zoe. It’s a medical mystery and defies logic how the he*l she could get pregnant when she is so emaciated.

  7. Anonymous

    The title should read, “Rachel Zoe in C-section’, because this woman is not the type to actually have any labor. If she is too selfish to eat for her baby, I highly doubt she will go through labor for it. I am sure it was elective. C-sections suck (I had one) but she is one to put on lipstick during it.

  8. anon

    i am not disagreeing that she is most likely over 39, but she also probably looks older (in her face) because of smoking. smokers tend to look older because they have more wrinkles due to puffing, particularly around the mouth area. i know, i smoke, so i am not dissing on smokers.
    is she actually due to have the baby at this point, or is this early?

  9. Tara

    There is no need for this bitterness. 1- c sections are sometimes the safest option, even if they are elective. I chose to have one. 2- yes she looks older than her age, but I am guessing the posters must be gorgeous to be so catty 3- you can be skinny and be healthy 4- who knows what type of parent she will be, give a person a chance, was every woman on this board freaking June cleaver her first time around?

    People need to lighten up. Women never seem to grow up from high school and we could learn a lot from our male counter parts on decency. Good luck Rachel

    • Anonymous

      Hey Tara,
      Normally I agree with you and find your posts to be spot on (you are a breath of fresh air, by the way) and this is no exception — except for the part about her emaciated figure and age. I didn’t comment on the c-section remarks — I’ve had 2 myself and really don’t see the point in speculating about Zoe’s plans.

      People can be naturally skinny and healthy, but Zoe comes across as someone who is obsessed and goes to extremes to maintain a low body weight. Hopefully the baby is not affected by this. I think “39” is her official Hollywood age, but in actuality, she is a good few years older. I am past 39 myself, but I wouldn’t classify myself as gorgeous or ugly.

      • Tara

        Thanks anonymous;). I agree she does look a tad too obsessed with her weight. I guess I was speaking from personal experience. I was always considered too thin, but I was one of the lucky few who had a fast metabolism.

        I guess I was more remarking on how catty people seem. I see it on the playgrounds with the other moms and get very disheartened at how nasty we women can tend to be. Don’t get me wrong I like the good gossip session too, but sometimes it goes too far…

    • Janna

      Right on, Tara!

      You know what I don’t understand? Where did people get the idea that C-Sections were EASIER than “natural” childbirth? That’s got to be the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. You can recover from natural childbirth in a few days, a few weeks maybe. C-Sections are major surgery, which leaves a big ‘ol scar. Who would ELECT to have that?

      • Tara

        Thx Janna – you are right about c-sections. I “elected”to have one because my beautiful boy was weighing in at 9.8 lbs at 37 weeks! I only weighed in at about 140 (am 5’10”) at the time so was not too thrilled with the prospect of doing it au natural;) the bubba came out weighing 10.9 pounds, so I have NOOOOO REGRETS;).
        The scar was not the problem, it was getting the tummy back in shape after the surgery. It’s still not a pretty site two years later. Take care

  10. Anonymous

    Just because a woman is tiny doesn’t mean she can’t labor and deliver her child naturally. I will admit that at times she did appear very frail, but hey, she leads a very busy lifestyle and maybe she’s prone to be naturally thin anyway. I wish her and her baby a safe delivery.

  11. Angi

    I hope mom and baby are healthy. I also hope she never reads these nasty comments.

    • Anonymous

      Angi, I don’t think you need to worry. I highly doubt that Zoe or another other major celebrity reads this site!!! Seriously.

      • the Truth

        But their family members, friends of friends, and public relations reps and management teams do! Zoe and others should hope that people really wish them well, however in life today, opinions include much speculation, much personal envy and unfavorable judgment of your life once private matters become public news!

        • Anonymous

          Truth, you are deluding yourself. The bigger the star, the less apt they (or their close associates) are to go onto the Internet and read through sites like this. Come on!!!

          I’ve noticed on this site in particular, that D-listers occasionally give “exclusive” interviews to the site and I would expect that lesser known celebs like that would routinely visit the site to familiarize themselves with it and use it as a vehicle to get publicity for themselves.

          • Helene71

            You would be surprised at how many of them google themselves to be fair. I am a former marketing specialist for the entertainment industry. Celebs are insecure by nature- so actually thrive on knowing everything that is out there about them that they can.

            The Internet has proven to be a soul destroyer for many.

          • lilkunta

            @helene: Thank You for posting. Celebs def do search themselves. I think with their fame they develop this high sense of self and become narcissistic.

          • lilkunta

            anonL could you type a name, or are you the same person?

            you’d be surprised but the celebs DO have alerts fo4 themselves & DO read the mags. they say they dont but they do. it is human nature.

  12. Sunny Sue

    Does anyone know how far along she is? Is this pre-term labor or is she at 40 weeks?

  13. Anonymous

    Sunny Sue last week there was pictures of her wearing very high shoes. She wrote on her twitter that you can be 38weeks along and rock six inch heels. so I guess she is 38-40 weeks now.

  14. Annie123

    From the look of her bony chest, I highly doubt she’s even pregnant at all. She never wore anything form-fitting so we could see her belly, and her overall appearance hasn’t changed AT ALL. I think she’s faking the pregnancy to prove to her haters that she’s not anorexic, while a surrogate is having the baby for her.
    Say I’m crazy all you want, this pregnancy is too bizarre.

    • Anonymous

      LOL Annie! I’m with you on the bizarre pregnancy, the bony chest and the fact that she is seemingly in denial about her apparent eating disorder, but faking a pregnancy??? Her problems are even more severe if she would resort to that and I doubt she would be able to pull that off.

  15. Courtney

    um there’s many reasons to fake a pregnancy multiple previous miscarriages for one. full term for a single baby is 38-42 weeks and she has said her due date was sometime in march. Rachel isn’t even famous she only dresses them for a living.

    • lilkunta

      courtney: rachel is famous. when she was dressing her clients insteadof standing in the background she stood beside them, she told(unasked) what/whom she was wearing. from the amny thin girls she dresses in the same 60s/70s hippie clothes she got a following. she has a show on bravo so unfortunately now she is famous.

  16. Anonymous

    Getting back to the topic at hand, is she still in labour, or what??? If the source was reliable enough to have inside info that she went into labour, wouldn’t they be in the know as to the status?

  17. Anonymous

    Well if they are jewish like I read somewhere they wont announce anything until after the baby has his naming ceremony thats what alot of jewish people do with boys, so maybe next week they will post, I dont know, I am jewish but dont believe in all that “tradition” that goes along with being jewish, not for my kids or grandkids but I bet she did have the baby.

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