Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Charlotte wears Siaomimi Victorian Brown Boots (only bronze left) – $63

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  • Anonymous

    Charlotte would have been cuter as a boy.

  • L.

    It is great that Sarah gets to keep Charlotte close while she’s working! Such a precious picture of mother and daughter! Motherhood appears to be the role that Sarah values the most and I respect that so much about her.

  • SarahS

    little Charlotte is positively adorable.

  • bonnie

    Poor little thing.

  • Samantha

    I think that sarah has a very pretty baby she looks just like her daddy. Stay cool sarah and keep up the good work

  • TokyoKid

    Can we please get rid of the troll/troll comments?

    • Lisa Weber

      The comments have been removed. They were made by the same person under two different names.

  • sarahwillow

    Some repugnant mouth-breathing going on in the comments. I hate when people are mean to kids/say mean things about kids, especially babies. Plus, the fact remains little Charlotte is ADORABLE!l

  • Anonymous

    Charlotte looks male.

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