Chyler Leigh Tells How She Juggles Motherhood With Work

Grey’s Anatomy Chyler Leigh opens up to Parade about juggling motherhood while working on the hit medical drama.

Chyler, who plays Dr. Lexie Grey, explains how she balances her family life with husband Nathan West and three children, Noah, 7, Taelyn, 4, and nearly 2-year-old Anniston.

So how does she do it?

She replies, “With a lot of planning and organization! We just had to hire a second nanny, two of our kids are special needs, so it’s been a bit challenging for my husband and I. He’s working as well, he produces, and between the work load and trying to take time for my husband and I to actually get out and do something together, it takes a village.

“It’s really what its come down to as far as managing the house and making sure everybody is taken care of. I’m lucky if I get to sit down at some point during the day.”

However her kids never leave her mind, even when she’s at work. She admits there’s a lot of parenting advice exchanged between her fellow cast members.

Oh my gosh, we’re constantly talking about kids. It’s a perpetual conversation. ‘What is your kid doing now,’ and ‘Hey, have you ever tried this tactic?’ and ‘Oh, we’re in the potty training stage.’ It’s literally all we talk about. We swap stories and pictures and we laugh a lot. When you start to see the best and worst qualities of yourself personified in a little human being, it makes for some really interesting and hysterical conversation.”

Chyler will be belting out tunes on the March 31 episode of Grey’s Anatomy: The Music Event. She says she had an “an absolute blast” filming and has a new appreciation for the cast of Glee.

She exclaimed, “Oh man, I can’t imagine. All that work, the rehearsals, they must be busting their butts on a constant basis. Kudos to them for sure!”

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