Annika Sörenstam’s Son William Born 13 Weeks Early

Golf pro Annika Sörenstam says her newborn son William Nicholas McGee, who arrived 13 weeks early this Monday, is already showing a “fighting spirit.”

Will, as mom calls him, arrived via a c-section after Annika suffered a placenta abruption and started having early contractions. He weighed just 2.12 lbs and measured 15 inches long at birth.

Annika, who also has 1 1/2-year-old daughter Ava with her husband Mike McGee, took to her blog to provide an update on her son’s condition.

“Will is in great hands with the incredible professionals in the NICU at Winnie Palmer Hospital. He has already shown his fighting spirit, but like any “Preemie” the next two months are crucial. He will need a strong will with the challenges ahead, which is why we decided to call him Will. We would like to thank everyone at Winnie for their excellent care. We are optimistic that everything will be fine.

“As for me, all things considered I feel great. I am recovering nicely and hope to be home in a day or two. Thanks again for the support.”

Annika’s husband Mike also talked to Golf Digest about Will’s very early arrival, saying, “We value our family more than anything in the world and it was a simple reminder of how precious life is. We weren’t sad, just scared and tired.

“I remained calm and supportive in front of her, but inside I was very nervous. They wheeled her away and I finally broke down. I prayed until they allowed me to go in. I was able to hold her and by 6:33 little Will entered the world. Once they got him breathing, we were able to hold him briefly, but were obviously more concerned that they start whatever work needed to be done.”

Our best wishes go out to Annika, Mike, Ava and baby Will.

Thanks to CBS reader Victoria.

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  • Alaina

    sad news about baby william. hope he get well soon.

  • sheila

    Anika as you probably know it is all about your attitude & inner strength, believe in the power of positive thinking! we are also the parents of a micro prem -750gm 28 weeker she is now a thriving 3 yr old THANK GOD! the days will be long and it seems like they will never come home! but believe that little Will is in the best hands. and this trying time will soon seem like a blink in time. all the best to you & your family ps. stop watching the monitors it will drive you nuts!

  • Courtney

    good luck to her it’s sad when any baby is born too early

  • Anonymous

    god bless you, all the best for you little william. You can do it!

  • Bella

    babies are fighters. My twin nephews were born 14 weeks early weighing 1 pound each and both are healthy and thriving. One does have medical issues due to his prematurity but other then that both babies fought long and hard and today you”d barely know it!! Hang in there!

  • Anonymous

    Love the name, William!

  • Viv Overton

    Many many congratulations to you all I myself have been thru that 3 times and ended with no baby I am so pleased for you both and I wish new baby William get strong very soon

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