Gwyneth Paltrow: My Home Life Isn’t Glamorous

When she’s not rocking the red carpet or collaborating with her famous pals for GOOP, actress Gwyneth Paltrow insists she’s just a regular mom.

“At home, there isn’t any of the glamour,” Gwyneth, who is mom to kids Apple, 6 1/2, and Moses, 4 1/2, tells Britain’s New magazine. “I am just like any other regular mum; cooking, cleaning, wiping butts, picking up after the kids, being a wife and helping the kids with their homework. Mind you, I’m terrible at maths,” she adds. “I can’t even do my six-year-old’s maths homework with her.”

The Oscar-winner made the leap from movies to music with last year’s performance in Country Strong and her recurring role on the hit show Glee. Though she jokes that “hell would freeze over” before she and her Coldplay hubby Chris Martin would record a duet together, her musical talents have come in handy at home.

“I do still play guitar. It comes in very handy at kids’ birthday parties and stuff like that,” Gwyneth says. “I just learned to play Wonderwall the other day, so I was very proud of myself with that one.”

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  • Tara

    I really try to keep my comments positive, and refrain when I do not have anything good to say. However Gwyneth is the one person who manages to break my rule;). She is extremely self righteous, even when trying to appear humble. I would respect her more if she just was honest and said, yes I am opinionated but that is my prerogative. She is not like “every other mom” out there. She has a decidedly blessed life, which she earned. But come on stop playing to all the moms you want in your corner and just be real for once.

    • Tara

      By the way, she forgets she is American not English, and always refers to mom as mum. It’s a pet peeve, since I lived in the uk for a decade,I hated when any fellow Americans tried to pretend they were Brits.

      • anonymous

        Since this is from a British magazine they may have automatically changed mom to mum. Also, her kids are being raised in the U.K. so they may call her mum to fit in with their friends.
        I do agree that Gwyneth is incredibly pretentious, but she’s pretty harmless 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Tara, I’m originally from the UK and share your frustration. Note the reference to “maths” too. She may be an A-lister, and an award-winning leading lady, but few would argue how unpopular she has become lately. I can’t remember the last time I’ve read something that generated positive comments from people.

        • Tara

          I made a point of keeping my Americanized words, because I knew if I was turned off by my fellow countrymen using words such as , lift, lorry, bonnet, tea (for dinner), jumper (for sweater), I could imagine you brits hated it even more.
          Plus I lived there ten years and never picked up a trace of an accent. How do these hollywood celebs suddenly sound posh after a few months?

          Sadly I did get myself into trouble a couple times with the use of “fanny”. Who knew it did not mean your bottom;)

          Anyway she irks me sorry to say.

          • Anonymous

            Being that you lived in the UK I would think that you would have realized that English magazines often change quotes from American actors/actress to the English version of the word, such as mom becomes mum and elevator becomes lift.
            Second of all, as an American living in London my English friends prefer it when I try to use their words instead of saying the American version, as it is easier for them when trying to understand me.

          • Anonymous

            Trying too hard springs to mind….

            I find it very hard to believe that your friends ‘prefer’ you using their English words than those that are natural. Having lived in London, NYC and my native Scotland… I have found that people just wanted to understand me, my accent and my point of view. My only irk was when I had to ask for ‘toona’ in a NYC supermarket and not regular tuna! But maybe I was just blessed with quality, understanding friends/people?

          • Anonymous

            Thats amazing that you are able to both criticize an actress whom you do not know as well my English friends. Who cares what she or anyone else says or what words they decide to say. As I have lived in both countries for a number of years and as I grew up with English parents, saying both elevator and lift and mom and mum are natural to me; and I have more important things to think about then being concerned with people thinking that I am trying to hard to fit in if I say lift with an American accent.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, somebody is taking this way too seriously!!!

          • Tara

            Agreed. She certainly is sensitive. Different strokes for different folks huh?

            Uptight much?

          • Lucy

            Tara is spot on, we do take the mickey out of Americans trying to sound English. Anyone remember madge with her fake east end voice a few years back.

            I have friends from NYC and anytime they say words like fag for cigarettes or lift, is sounds crap. They know we will give it to them if they try anyway.

          • Anonymous

            I guess I just don’t understand the point of judging someone else based on their accent or what words they say.

          • Zoe

            As an English person with American friends I take offense to your comment and to the comments above. I would never make fun of my American mates behind their back for using typical English words. As a matter of fact I don’t think I would even notice; but I guess to each their own. Oh, and there was nothing in Gwyneth’s comments that was in anyway negative; I do not understand how someone could turn her (at least these ones) comments into something bad.

          • Tara

            Totally did not anticipate my “personal” feelings about one’s vernacular resulting in this much angst. I don’t like her views nor think she is genuine, my distaste for her use of the word “mum” was an added critique.

            My apologies to anyone who felt affronted;)

          • Shirilicious

            Dislike the use of “Briticisms” by Americans (or vice versa) all you want, I don’t care.

            But what you don’t seem to get is you can use mom, flavor, theater, etc.pp. all you want, if a British magazine is interviewing you they will print their vernacular. Mum, flavour, theatre.
            I’ve seen Gwyneth in interviews on British tv and she without doubt has an American accent using American words. So this point you’re trying to make is moot.

            I do agree with you on her false modesty, though.

  • alaina

    didnt gwyneth said something like I’d rather drink bleach then be poor.

    • Anonymous

      Me too lol, but I am poor already sadly!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh poor Gwyneth – life is so hard!
    p.s. you’re not British.

  • Anonymous

    Men, she looks like she’s had a bad perm with all that flyaway. Hmm! clueless, you can pay someone to wipe your children’s butty or do their maths! lol What a hard life for ms. Paltrow(throw up)

  • Anonymous

    That’s when she actually is home!!

  • anonymous

    Wow, sounds like such a bunch of haters on here. And you people are all perfect, right?

    • Karenp


  • Grace

    It’s so annoying when celebrities try to play the “I’m just like you” card. She’s already admitted she has a chef, a housekeeper, a nanny and a personal assistant. So no, she is not like every other mom.

  • LaKesha

    Children have no concept of who their parents are to the world, so I’m sure they treat her like any other mom. That’s probably all she meant.

  • Melania

    Cut the girl some slack. She doesn’t seem all that bad. You need a hobby judging by the way you’re reacting to the words she uses in an interview. You’re the self-righteous one by the sounds of it. I’d hate to see what really makes you upset!

    • Lucy

      My my sensitive women on this board. Must be gwynnie’s pals

      • Kate

        She honestly does not seem all that bad and I don’t see anything negative about her comments in this magazine. Lucy, its unfortunate that you are being negative towards those who do not agree with what you are saying on this post.

    • Helene71

      Melania, you seem to be the one who gets easily upset. It was not her british words that were the main crux of the comment. Rather it has to do with GP and her fakeness.

  • Anonymous

    This is coming from someone who has four nannies a crew of other household staff. Just like every other mom….I think not.

  • Daniella

    I’m American & I call my mother “mum” & have been known to use the word “bloody” when angry or frustrated, but that’s likely because three of my grandparents were born in Ireland & have heavy accents & the area I grew up in has a very large Irish-American population. Some of their expressions have passed down to our generation, but not enough to really be noticeable to strangers aside from the usage of a handful of words that usually just get thrown in with the “New England” accent.

  • Anonymous

    She can’t do her six year old’s math homework? Isn’t that addition and subtraction.

  • Tazlena

    Kids are learning a lot more earlier than they did when I was in school. They might even be getting into fractions in Grade One. I can’t do those anymore.

  • Briget

    Breaking News form LA-LA Land………Gwyneth and Chris O’donnell are at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge today 1PM 25 March 2011.. or is it a handsom married couple look a like

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