Is Bobbi Kristina Brown Getting Her Own Reality Show?

It looks like Bobbi Kristina Brown is hoping to follow in her famous parents’ footsteps!

Amid tabloid rumors that the 18-year-old has been engaged in some very risky behavior, Brown recently took to her Twitter page to announce that she’s in talks to star in her own reality show.

“PS EVERYONE! Guess what?!_ we are currently in the process of meetings about starting my very OWN! RealityShow!!” Bobbi Kristina wrote.

The world needs 2know me 4who I REALLY am_ U all will get2see my everyday living_ walk with me thro startin my career..EVERYTHING”

By allowing cameras to follow her every move, the teen aims to change the public’s perception of her, and to prove that she’s not the girl that’s being characterized in the tabloids.

“I would only want to do this reality show so THEWORLD can know me for me. The GodFearing_Young classy_outgoing_silly_REAL women iAm,” added Brown.

In 2005, audiences got a glimpse into Bobbi Kristina’s life when her parents, superstars Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, starred in the reality series, Being Bobby Brown, which gained a lot of media attention for highlighting the couple’s bizarre relationship.

Brown and Houston ended their relationship in 2006, after over 10 years of marriage.

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  • LaKesha

    Good for her…no one ever really knows who a celebrity really is.

  • Anonymous

    Goodness… she sure looks like her father…

  • Anonymous

    When has a reality show ever help anyone it just makes thing worst she should have learned from what happen to her parents when they had theirs?

  • Anonymous

    I hope with grace, this young lady can gain the confidence and self-esteem she needs to be her own person. She is so misled and have not had a lot of positive parenting. It is obvious that the child is confused and lacks self-confidence to think that she needs a reality show to prove her character. Why not go to college or get some therapy, since her mama obviously has the resources. A person has to be strong to overcome such dis-functional parents. My prayer and blessings are with that girl because at the end of the day, money can’t buy you inner peace or ecstasy and i am not talking about the drug.

    • Anonymous

      Feb.14, 2012. Just now reading this.this is sooooooo true. Her Mom has just pass, and I am soooo concern about her.We are going to have to really send up some for real STRONG PRAYERS up for her. I mean sincere praying for her and keeping her cover with the BLOOD OF JESUS and asking the LORD TO SAVE HER FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bobby and Whitney truly deserve and Oscar for Worst Parents in a Real Life Drama. This girl is a train wreck waiting to happen. Someone needs to intervene now. Every child deserves to have two parents who are responsible role models. This child was robbed.

  • Peta

    Aiyiyi, not another reality show! At this rate, I’ll never watch tv again.

  • Anonymous

    She ever attended a school?

  • Anonymous2

    Does she go by her given name – Bobbi Kristina – or something else? I thought I heard Whitney call her “Dee Dee” in an interview.

  • Anonymous

    That good os other people can leave her along about everything that people was talking about and people is going to say what they want to say

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