Dannii Minogue Reveals Caesarean Reason

Dannii Minogue, 39, who welcomed baby boy Ethan last summer, has revealed why she opted for a c-section and leaving behind her previously planned home birth. Despite having her heart set on giving birth at her Melbourne, Australia home, the singer/reality TV starlet was taken to hospital after 20 hours of “excruciating pain” to welcome her baby via Caesarean.

“Typically for me, nothing about he birth went according to plan,” explains Dannii in her upcoming memoirs “For a start, Ethan arrived ten days early, and then we discovered he wasn’t in the correct position for a smooth delivery.”

So, after twenty hours of excruciating labour, my plans for a home birth went out of the window and I ended up having Ethan in hospital… But several hours into my labour my initial serenity had evaporated. Because Ethan was in a posterior position, meaning his back was in line with my back and his arms and legs were moving freely across my tummy, I was in absolute agony.

“(The midwives) have since told me how brave I was during those long hours of labour,” continues the new mom. “But not having had a baby before I had no idea at the time whether it was bravery or delirium that saw me through… But when I held Ethan for the first time, the pain and worry melted away…. It was wonderful.”

Dannii and her rugby player boyfriend, Kris Smith, welcomed their first child together on July 5, 2010 at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne.

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  • Tara

    Pretty sad that she feels compelled to explain why she opted for a c-section. It’s a private matter and really no one else’s business. This whole natural v. C- section, bottle v breast, stay at home v working mom- battle has us all on the defensive. Instead of wasting time worrying we should just be happy we were blessed to be moms at all

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree with you.

    • Anonymous

      Abosolutely true! Don’t know why the need to explain…

  • Anonymous

    Big deal she had a c-section. Who cares. Is a public statement really that important? Many women have long labors, hard births, painful c-sections and do have posterior babies without a press tour. She has a healthy baby. Thats what she should be explaining.
    Hell, I had a HBAC with a 9lb posterior baby after 23+ hours of active labor and 7 hours of pushing. It was hell, but you get over it.

    • Zoey

      Unless your experience was within a week of your post, you need to take a chill. That would be the only explanation for your anger towards a pretty innocuous article.

      Regardless, glad to hear you and your baby made it through ok. Would not wish that in anyone.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, it has been 3 days; thank you very much.

        You need to accept other peoples posts without getting defensive.

        • Anonymous

          How was her post negative? She just thought your anger was an overreaction. I am amazed after 3 days though that you are on a baby site, especially with such a difficult birth. It took me close to a month before I did anything remotely human. Kudos.

  • Danielle

    This is all in Dannii’s book not like she felt the need to make a statement about it after 9mths. As Dannii is so tiny I was expecting her to have a c section for some reason anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t read her book, but there was an extract in the Daily Mail where she recounted the birth experience. She did not mention a C-section, only that she had to give up the idea of a home birth and go the hospital and give birth there.

    I agree with Tara though — who cares how the baby is born, it’s a private matter and no one should be obligated to explain or rationalize their experience. On a side note, I remember a while back when 2 celebs gave birth within days of one another and both had sections. In interviews, both provided an explanation (without being asked) and both cited breech presentation. I find this “interesting” because the incidence of breech presentation at birth is only around 4%.

    • Anonymous

      My “side note” has nothing to do with Dannii or her experience BTW.

  • Anonymous

    Yawn, who cares? Ethan is nearly one year old, and he’s healthy – how much more mileage is Dannii going to get from becoming a mother? She should be used to surgery anyway……………………

  • Anonymous

    WTF? Who laced everyone’s coffee? What is up with everyone’s negativity? I’m just happy to hear that someone attempted a home birth. Fantastic. Didn’t end up happening, but her baby is happy and healthy, and that is awesome. End of story.

  • suzan

    Im sick of all this. I am sick of everyone giving reason of to why anyone had a cesarean. And no, it was not elective. My doctor was the devil and he put me into a nightmare thought that i might be losing my baby to so I rushed and had my tummy cut. I had depression, horrible, and my son is now 2 years old. I feel I am not the same person, and I feel Im scared to get pregnant again.

    As for Dany, she did the best. My sister in law gave birth to a posterior baby and had a 4th degree tear. She was in hell. Her son is 3 months old now and she still cries over the birth. She had him without epidural, and her son was so high, they started to push him down putting pressure on her tummy from the top side.

    • Colinmomma

      Sorry to hear about your troubles, but I would much rather have had a doctor like yours who was concerned with both your welfare and that of the child’s. Yes so e doctors are “lazy” and prefer c-sections, but the majority think in terms of what’s best for you

      Good Luck with everything.

    • Anonymous

      My first birth sounds like your sister’s birth…but my second one was SO much easier. Just because your first experience was awful doesn’t mean the second time will be too – I’m proof of that!

      Vaginal birth, Caesarean, adopted, whatever. Mamas are WARRIORS. Celebrate yourself, and celebrate your experience – even if it was hard and not what you expected. And don’t be afraid to try again if that’s what you want.

      I really wish you all the best.

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