Jennifer Lopez Denies Adoption Rumours

Despite recent reports that Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony are planning to adopt, the Idol judge insists that if they add a third child to their brood, they’ll be going about it on their own.

“No, no. That’s not true,” says Jennifer of the adoption rumours. “I would like to have another baby myself, actually.”

The 41-year-old singer/actress, who welcomed twins Max and Emme in February 2008, also added that a sibling for her twins isn’t at the top of her priority list for the time being.

“If it happens I’ll be thrilled,” she explains. “But we’re not trying.”

The On the Floor songstress recently chatted with fellow celebrity parent, Mario Lopez, about putting her family first:

You know, at the end of the day, the babies are the light of my life and the most important thing to me is my family. They come first and then everything else kind of comes after.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anyway you look at it, it’s no one’s business but theirs.

    However, I would take anything JLO says on this subject with a grain of salt. When she was several months pregnant with her twins and was asked point blank about the pregnancy, she issued several vehement denials and said such “rumours” were absolute lies. In particular, I remember a statement her husband gave to one of the tabloid mags (US?) where he said something like “It’s not true, we get that all the time”.

  2. anonymous

    FYI… there are many reasons people keep pregnancy quiet…. Especially women over 35… The miscarriage rate is soo much higher in early months most OBGYN would advise not sharing news with friends and family until around 4 months pregnant. So dont judge them too harshly at least in this case.

  3. Anonymous

    If you are going to DENY a pregnancy, than maybe you shouldn’t be seen in public with an obvious gut? I was laying low with my pregnancies (and I have a history of losses), and didn’t have the “need” to deny or defend my status.

    And, I believe that she had “help” in concieving her twins…. Either an IVF, or an IUI with stims of some sort (clomid or Follistim?). Whatever, I don’t believe much of what she says, nor do I respect her.

  4. anonymous

    Anonymous 05:19 PM… Probably a little easier for you to lay low during your pregnancy than J.Lo and Marc Anthony… Many many people I know (especially who wait until late 30s to have children) needed HELP to get pregnant. Is that a crime? I dont know J Lo so I cant judge is she is honest or not…

  5. Anonymous

    Totally not a crime! I had LOTS of intervention and help myself… I just didn’t like that she went out of her way to deny any intervention, when it seemed rather obvious that she DID have help. And even if she didn’t have help–why deny it so vehemently? Is there shame in needing help to get pregnant??? Its okay, its her bussiness right? But, it sends the message that fertility is ever lasting in woman, when thats not the case. Fertility declines, sharply, past the age of 35 in most women. Remember, she got pregnant with healthy twins in her late thirties. Long stretch for most first time Moms at that age!

    And, whats the big deal in laying low? She has money, staff, time, she doesn’t HAVE to bee seen in public, at least in those early weeks. Its much simpler for the uber wealthy, the way I see it (lol, I am not uber wealthy!).

    In the end she knows the truth, but just saying what it seems like for some of us who have, perhaps, gone through some treatments to get pregnant.

    In any case, hope she enjoys her children….. and it would be nice if she chose to adopt a baby or two!

  6. Anonymous

    She will never admit to IVF because she’s perfect, her life is perfect and her marriage to a man that left his first wife and babies, is perfect. In every interview she gives, her life is just a glowing aura of perfection. She’s a great mother, her husband is a great husband and father, and her life has no flaws. Admitting to IVF would make her less than the perfect person she is.

  7. jen

    I love JLo. I think she looks great. I hope she has another baby and doesn’t announce it until she wants to. It is her life and decision. Nothing wrong with IVF or adoption. anonymous 8:53pm sounds so jealous!

  8. P!nk

    I can’t believe some of the hatred on here. Everybody thinks they know everyone and what happened. It’s so easy to sit behind a computer and spew hatred about something/someone you know NOTHING about. Get a life people.

  9. Anonymous

    Way to exaggerate!! I don’t see any comments that could be construed as “hate”. There’s a difference between firing off a negative comment, criticizing someone or going outside the bounds of good taste and HATE. I suggest you invest in a dictionary.

  10. P!nk

    Anonymouse @10:14 – so you must be the idiot I’m talking about with the ridiculous comments?

  11. Anonymous

    Can’t stand this phoney baloney.

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