Brooke Mueller: “I’m a Good Mother”

Soon-to-be reality TV star Brooke Mueller isn’t interested in trying to refute every tabloid story that’s printed about her, but the actress recently revealed that there’s definitely one thing she wants to make clear — that despite all the rumors, she is able to take care of her sons, two-year-old twins Bob and Max, and she’s actually quite good at it.

“The boys are having a wonderful time. Everybody’s healthy and happy,” Mueller told Extra at Argyle Salon prior to Saturday’s (March 26) Starlight Children’s Foundation gala.

“When people say all those mean things…oh yeah, I think, ‘Get a life,'” added Brooke. “I would say about 50 percent of the time they’re lies. The only thing I care about is that people know I’m a good mother.”

It’s been a difficult few months for Mueller, who was led to obtain a temporary restraining order against her ex, actor Charlie Sheen, after allegedly receiving several threats from the former Two and a Half Men star.

Word is that the two have been able to reach a mutual agreement regarding their children, and with the restraining order having expired on March 22, Sheen was finally permitted to spend some time at home with his sons this past weekend; marking the first time he’s seen the boys since they turned 2 on March 14.

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  • Victoria

    I’m not trying to judge, and I know Charlie did wrong in their relationship too, but don’t think she was Suzy Homemaker in that relationship though either.

  • Anonymous

    Actions speak louder than words if you’re a good mother then you don’t need to go around telling everyone that you are; the only person she should be trying to appease is the judge not the media.

  • Anonymous

    What/Where is Extra’s Argyle Salon?

  • Sarah22

    Why would she go on a vacation with him and his whores to the Bahamas after he held a knife to her throat and told her he’d cut off her head and send it to her mother? She is a fame and money seeking crazy train.

    • Tara

      Agree. The only victims here are those two boys. It’s not like she had no precedence to his prior actions. He called Denise every name in e book, insulted her mother who at the time was being treated for cancer, heid fleiss, “accidentally shooting Kelly Preston…..the let goes on. The only thing that can save these boys now is court intervention. They need to be taken away and put into a home where they will be free from the constant drama and angst. My heart goes out to them.

  • Anonymous

    Uh didn’t she do drugs while pregnant? Hmm do you get a do over with that because baby wasn’t born yet

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