Kendra Wilkinson Takes A ‘Dancing’ Break With Her Hanks

Kendra Wilkinson got a visit from her husband Hank Baskett and their 15-month-old son Hank Jr. at the Dancing With The Stars studio on Tuesday (March 29).

The reality star gave her little cutie lots of hugs and kisses.

Kendra recently told that if she wins Dancing With The Stars, the mirror-ball trophy might be placed in Hank Jr.’s room.

I think I’d put it in my son’s room because it’d be because of him that I survived and got through it and everything. Or we just bought a new house, so we’d have our own room for it. We’d have like a memorabilia room…Or that will be our Christmas tree every year!”

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Elizabeth

    Wow their body language says things aren’t looking good.

    I expect a divorce announcement within a year.

  2. Anonymous

    Body language doesn’t often answer for much!

  3. TristaBelle

    Body language or not, Kendra specifically just requested that any earnings she makes now are solely hers and not considered jointly. He has been traded three times in a year and has no prospects with or without an NFL players strike.

    Technically you begin to safeguard your finances when you know time is up..

  4. Anonymous

    She seems like such a good mom.

  5. Anonymous

    Go Kendra!! Cute picture!!

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