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@TheBillHorn Baby’s first quesadillas.

@danicamckellar My 7-month old’s throaty giggle: Favorite. Sound. Ever.

@Bethenny The weirdest thing:I’m in a restaurant in chicago w my single girlfriend&there isn’t one man I in the “vagina monologues?”

@OfficialMelB Ohh dear now I’m crying at the tv show “one born every minute”

@Busyphilipps25 Starbucks, I appreciate you wanting to try out new things but cake pops? CAKE POPS?? How dare you, sirs. How dare you.

@chanellejhayes God it absolutely annoys me when people say single parent families are bad for children!! Bad parents are bad for children FFS!!

@DENISE_RICHARDS good morning! having my coffee….girls sound asleep..

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