Christina Aguilera Picks Up Her Lil’ Preschooler

Christina Aguilera was seen picking up her adorable son Max from preschool on Friday (April 1).

It seems co-parenting is working for the singer and estranged husband Jordan Bratman. Earlier in the morning Bratman was the one dropping their 3-year-old off to school, and was seen exchanging their son’s toys and clothes to her and the nanny.

Last month Aguilera was booked for public intoxication while her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, was charged with driving under the influence.

However the bad press hasn’t stopped the 30-year-old from announcing her role in the new NBC show The Voice. She will be one of the vocal coaches for the new singing reality competition.

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Photo credit: Flynet/GSI Media

  • Julianne

    He’s so grown up !
    I ♥ Max Liron Bratman

  • Anonymous

    Is there something wrong with Maxx, he never closes his mouth and that is a sure sign of Autism.

    • Audrey

      Or they just got a picture when his mouth was open. Such silliness. Now all people should have their mouths closed except when talking and eating?

    • TristaBelle

      Nice now every mother who has a child with an open mouth is panicking. Where do you get this stuff?

    • Tina

      Yes I can see these new first time moms all rushing to get their kids jaws wired shut to avoid possible autism. My oldest son walked on his tip toes for years and was a slow speaker, I was told he may be autistic. Completely unfounded, and today he is a happy, healthy, athletic, student body president at the age of 16.

      These generalizations are very dangerous.

    • Anonymous

      No, it is not “sure” sign of anything. Why does this site allow such wrongheaded comments like this? You have NO IDEA about anything. Autism is something that can only be diagnosed by a doctor who has personally examined the child. It certainly can’t be diagnosed by a random person who is not a doctor viewing still pictures on the internet. Making statements like this is really harmful and dangerous not just because it is flat-out ignorant and wrong, but because it gives anyone reading it the wrong idea that not having your mouth closed means you’re autistic (it doesn’t) and because it stigmatizes children that have nothing wrong.

      Jessica Simpson is well-known for never closing her mouth in photos. Does that mean she’s autistic, too?

    • Kris

      No you moron. An open mouth posture is NOT a sure sign of autism. Get your facts straight before making an ignorant assumption.

  • anon

    please cut his hair, christina. thanks

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous @6:32 said: “Making statements like this is really harmful and dangerous”. How is it “dangerous” if someone makes a comment???? If you think anyone reading this website would believe a comment like that, you are sadly mistaken.

    • Anonymous

      It’s dangerous because it perpetuates a harmful stereotype. And have you ever read all the moronic comments that get left on this site? These people are not exactly geniuses. If someone is dumb enough to make such a comment in the first place, they are obviously dumb enough to have read it somewhere and believed it, and there are certainly others who are dumb enough as well. Better to be sure and strongly refute what the person said than to leave it out there unchallenged.

  • Anonymous

    She’s got the weirdest looking legs ever!

  • Anonymous

    And major camel toe going on lol

  • nicoleC

    x-tina seem looks better, wish her everything OK

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