Jennifer Lopez: “To Find The Right Balance Is Just Very Difficult”

Jennifer Lopez says she’s still figuring out motherhood while working on her busy career.

She tells The Daily Record, “When I was on my own without kids, I had no trouble. I worked from day to night. I worked 24/7. Now I am different. I am a working mother now. And to find the right balance is just very difficult. The babies become the most important thing in my life. Everything else has to take a back seat. I am figuring it out as I go along with these two angels of mine. And we are doing just fine.”

The American Idol judge says her new album Love was inspired by her 3-year-old twins Max and Emme.

After having babies, you get a different perspective on life, on love. I’ve never felt anything like that. It’s such an intense profound love. How it should be, relationships. That’s what I want to explore in my new music. Music is still my first love. This new album was two years in the making. I can’t wait to show it to the world.”

When she is at home she likes to sing to her kids and dance around.

She said, “It’s a wonderful cardio workout. Since I had the twins, I need to watch what I eat a little bit more than I used to.”

Now at 41, Lopez still wants to feel attractive.

She admits, “I still feel much the same as before. My style hasn’t really changed. At times, I want to be pretty and then I just want to be sexy. I do believe mothers can be sexy.”

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  1. andreea

    hey, where was the picture of this post taken? what is the source?
    I would love to see more photos!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Poor JLO, very unattractive kids.

  3. Anonymous

    andreea@ the pictures are from American Idol the kids were on the show and this is on stage.

  4. Anonymous

    Okay……Jennifer Lopez is a model for Tous Jewelry, for Venus Shavers, for L’Oreal products, she’s an American Idol Judge, plus working on her album, and making the music videos with Pit Bull and LIL Wayne, to promote her album.

    She’s got two children, but is taking on all these jobs, and she still CLAIMS her children are the most important thing in her life. I wish someone would tell her to QUIT thinking the public is so naive that they believe what she is saying. I’m sure her children are being raised by nannies while she’s busy
    on a quest to seek fame and adoration for herself.

  5. Renaey

    I think she is just crazy busy. I admire her though, running multiple projects can be quite tasking. I think she is doing an amazing job of keeping fit, balancing parenting, and her career. I like to watch American Idol in High Definition with my DISH Network employee subscription. I think she is an amazing judge.

  6. Anonymous

    her kids are not cute! must be so embarrasing for her cause she does think she is the bomb! is that why you never see her out in public with the skeletor juniors!!! should have stayed with ben affleck would have made cuter kids !!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Quit it with the “her kids aren’t cute” bullcrap. Beat up on JLo all you want but leave the kids out of it.

    To respond the commenter who rightfully remarked about JLo’s commitment to family. Her and Marc are in deep with the IRS, y’all…they have to bring in more money to pay the taxman. She also needs to appeal to the Mini-Van Majority in hopes that you buy Venus razors and L’Oreal haircolour!

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