Nick Cannon’s “Best April Fools Prank” – Ever!

False alarm!

Papa-to-be Nick Cannon made April fools out of his listeners – and some in the media – this morning (April 1) when he unexpectedly left his radio show, Rollin’ with Nick Cannon, claiming that wife Mariah Carey was in labor with the couple’s twins.

Nick was live on his CBS radio show, engaged in a conversation about the New York Yankees when he suddenly shouted, “Real talk, I gotta go. My wife!”

Cannon then fled the studio, leaving his co-host, Nikki Hesse, to take over.

Later, the America’s Got Talent Host called in to the show from his car. Hesse and the show’s producer, Southern Sarah Lee, asked if they were having the babies, and offered their congratulations, to which Cannon responded, “Thank you.”

Finally, unable to keep the joke going any longer, Nick returned to the show and let his co-workers and fans know that it was just a prank, but not before Perez Hilton had already posted “Mariah Carey is about to give birth” on his website.


“Just pulled the best April Fools prank on my radio show @923nowfm,” Cannon tweeted. “Got to take most of the morning off!”


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  • Anonymous

    hahahahahahahah thats soooooooooooooooo funny!!!

    • Anonymous

      Lmaoo? were u being sarcastic?

  • klutzy_girl


    I can picture that actually happening in a few weeks, tbh.

  • Victoria

    That was so funny and so ultimate, man I wish I could think of stuff like that to do for April’s Fools.

  • Courtney

    I don’t think that was funny at all. there’s certain things that shouldn’t be used for laughs pregnant women who are about to give birth being one of them. especially with all the heartache him & Mariah have gone through to become parents. children born prematurely are no laughing matter if something were to happen to one of the twins the press would have a field day with it and not let them grieve.

  • Shara

    That was not cool Nick you could have twins with learning disabilites or high anexiety or a bad illness like autism so you shouldn’t have done that to scare your parents or her parents shame on you.

  • Shara

    Seriously bad why would you do that

  • Shara

    What a jerk seriously

  • Courtney

    not only children that are born early have learning disabilities I should know as I was born 12 days late and have vision problems and autism. comics make their money by making tasteless jokes. besides only Mariah’s mom is still alive her dad died of cancer july 4th 2002. this was wrong and it made their fans excited/scared as preemies still have a higher risk of dying soon after birth. and if that wee to happen and only one twin came home alive the press would have a field day and not let them grieve

    • Victoria

      If you and Shara don’t get a grip on yourselves. It was a joke! And as a fan of Mariah’s and Nick’s I say who gives a hell about their fans being scared or excited, their opinions and feelings don’t matter this is all about Mariah and Nick and their children. Their parents would have nothing to fear, because I doubt they’re up listening to his radio show, if Mariah had really gone into labor he would not be announcing it on live radio because she would have texted him immediately, and not to mention that Mariah does listen to his radio show, and possibly already knew about the joke and was fine with it because she’s such a jokey person too. Stop assuming the worst out of life and let people be.

      I’ve listened to the recordings of show and he never said that she actually went into labor, everyone just assumed that.

    • Anonymous

      Do you really think they care if their fans are excited or scared? They don’t, nor should they.

  • Shara

    Oh I’m that stupid because some times I don’t make any scence at all that was just an example I should have wrote for example instead of making it a big deal well yeah. I had heard bad comments from my friends in the choir at my school say bad things about Mariha Carrie. I ignor them

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