Ellen Pompeo & Stella Are Ready To Ride

What a cutie!

Grey’s Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo and her adorable daughter Stella Luna, 1, were spotted getting ready to head out for a Saturday (April 2) of shopping and family fun with Pompeo’s hubby, Chris Ivery.

Apparently, Ellen wears her heart on her shirt!

The proud mama rocked a sleeveless t-shirt bearing her tot’s name, and the whole family stepped out in their Adidas shoes.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. klutzy_girl

    Aww, Stella is adorable!

    And I think I’m one of the few who actually loved GA on Thursday. And I can’t wait for the May 5th episode! (Mostly for the Callie/Arizona storyline.)

  2. alaina

    baby stella really looks like her father.

  3. LoOLOo

    Stella appears to be an exact mix of both her parents. Which turned out beautifully.

  4. Paris

    Uhm. So daddy doesn’t know how to fold up a stroller or simply likes to enjoy the view?

  5. Anonymous

    I agree, he just stands there like a stupid idiot.
    Ellen put the baby in the car, and fold up the stroller too while her husband was just there watching her.

    • Victoria

      It must just be a matter of families not standards. If you have a family where the man loads up the car and does everything than good for you and Paris. But remember that some women are capable of putting their one child in her carseat and putting the stroller into the car, and some couples take turns, or load the car together. Doesn’t make the guy stupid or an idiot (which means the same thing by the way).

  6. Anonymous

    I think some are reading into things a bit much, I’ve seen pics where Chris is the one loading up the stuff and agree that it differs with each family in some families one partner packs away all the stuff and carries and secures the child as well. I know families where you’ll she the mother carrying her handbag and the father juggling the baby in the carseat and all the bags. Besides maybe Stella wanted to stay with her Mommy that morning and Ellen wanted to pack away the pushchair.

  7. Toya

    WOW… people really do create some faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar fetched scenarios of these folks lives through pictures… Pretty damn scarrry!!!

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