Heidi Klum & Her Beautiful Ballerina

Six-year-old Leni was decked out in her ballet best as she headed to dance class in Los Angeles, California today with her parents Heidi Klum and Seal and her baby sister Lou, 1 (April 2). She looks so grown up!

Brothers Henry and Johan, both of whom have been sporting adorable new ‘dos of late, didn’t join the family on their outing today.

The model mom recently confirmed again that there are no plans for baby #5, telling Mail Online, “We are done now. I think four to look after is plenty. We aren’t like Angelina and Brad. Four is a good number.”

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Photo credit: INFPhoto.com

  • Anonymous

    Leni kind of looks like Dakota Fanning when she was little. Too cute and growing up fast!
    It also looks like Heidi got her 4th star for Lou!!
    Great family!!

    • Anonymous

      I was just going to write that I thought she looked like a little Dakota

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful girls, Leni is looking so much older!

  • LoOLOo

    I am not being mean or insulting,…… but am I the only one who thinks that BEAUTIFUL Leni seems to always have bags or dark circles under her eyes? I wonder if she has severe allergies or something. Just wondering. p.s., in the close-up of Seal and lovely Lou, she looks alot like big sis to me.

    • Anonymous

      Some people have dark circles under their eyes all the time. It’s genetic. It has nothing to do with allergies or being tired or whatever.

    • SarahF

      Stella Banderas is another kid who has had bags or dark circles under her eyes all her life, as the poster above said, it’s genetic.

  • Grandma of Four

    Lovely to see Heidi and Seal doing normal, everyday activities with their children! And, I can imagine how busy they are as working parents! Good for them!

  • Anonymous

    lou is beautifu kids of the klum – samuel kids for me . and look like johan whar are you think?please say me my friends .

    • Bella

      *scratches head* huh?

      Leni is beautiful and so are the rest of her children.

  • Anonymous

    whar not . what

  • Anonymous

    I think she really looks like Flavio Briatore, the same face shape, the nose. I wonder if leni knows who her real father is, she’s got a new baby brother Falco

    • Anonymous

      I used to think Leni looked like Heidi until I saw pics of Flavio. Yeah, she favors her bio dad a lot. Still lovely, of course, but of the girls, Lou looks much more like mommy than Leni.

    • Anonymous

      It’s sad that Flavio STILL wants nothing to do with his daughter! I wonder what transpired between he and Heidi ti cause him to behave to hard-heartedly?! Even still, I’m sure that Heidi and Seal have made sure that she knows the truth, and are preparing themselves for her future questioning.

      • Victoria

        Honey trust me when I say it has nothing to do with anything that happned between him and Heidi, for the good or the bad. Men (and women) who want to be apart of their childrens lives will be apart of their childrens lives. He just didn’t want to be and still doesn’t. The real problem that transpired (at least in my opinion) is what happens in alot of peoples lives these days. They don’t take their relationships seriously and they lay down with people who they don’t see themselves in the long haul with, and they don’t take into account that no contraceptive (sp?) is 100% fooolproof: birth control can fail, someone can forget to take their birth control, or the condom can break, and then they don’t want to deal with the consequences and also aren’t ready to deal with them either, because this child that is now on it’s way was never apart of the plan.

  • Viv

    What? Lou is not cute. She no looks like Heidi at all. Leni looks just like her mom. She is very pretty

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