Johnny Depp Praises Penélope Cruz As A Mother, Actress & Friend

When Spanish actress Penélope Cruz came to Los Angeles in 1994, she knew only two sentences in English – “How are you?” and, “I want to work with Johnny Depp.” Seventeen years later, Cruz just received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Depp (whom she’s worked with in two movies) had nothing but wonderful things to say about his dear friend and their “long road of giggles” together.

“She’s an inconceivably phenomenal mommy, which I’ve witnessed firsthand, and it’s pretty incredible,” Depp said during Penélope’s Walk of Fame ceremony on Friday (April 1).

She’s as loyal and true a friend as anyone could ever dream of and I’m very privileged to be able to have her in my life,” he added.

And Penélope is feeling pretty privileged, too!

The first Spanish-born actress to receive a star on the Walk of Fame, Cruz is also a new mommy. She and husband Javier Bardem welcomed a son, Leo, in January.

During the ceremony, Penélope thanked her family for “making me so happy every day.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Danielle

    Does Bauer-Griffin take all their photos lop sided? I’m sure photoshop could have straightened this photo

  2. Anonymous

    he sure is like a fine bottle of wine…

  3. Annika

    They’re both gorgeous.
    Finally an actress who honors her body and takes some time to loose the baby weight. Not that she is fat, but compared to the majority of celebrities who are posing in bikinis five minutes after their baby was born, she is so beautiful and natural.

  4. Anonymous

    He has ahabit of praising the mothering skil sof his sexy leading ladies….perhaps to defuse the leading lady type gossip? Dunno….but Pene has barely become amothre hoew would he or anyone including her, know how good a one she is yet?

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