Alyson Hannigan: “Sati Is Hilarious All The Time”

One of our favorite famous tots, Alyson Hannigan‘s 2-year-old daughter Satyana is full of smiles just about every time we see her. It seems that pictures don’t lie – the How I Met Your Mother star tells Scholastic’s Parent & Child magazine that her adorable toddler is “hilarious all the time.” Here are a few of the interview highlights:

On her daughter’s temperament: “Sati is hilarious all the time. She has a great sense of humor. She knows she’s funny, too. Like whenever she does something cute, she gets this smile on her face and announces, ‘Funny baby!'”

On toddler trials: “Right before bed, when it’s been a long day and Sati is overly tired, putting on pajamas can be tough! I say something like, ‘We’ll play this little piggy, but not until this little piggy is in these little pjs.’ Lately she’s really into doing somersaults at bedtime, and that makes it even harder. I have to think, ‘Well, maybe while you’re in this half headstand, if you could just lift your leg, so I can . . .’ You know. One step at a time.”

On her parenting style: “My husband [Alexis Denisof] and I respect Satyana the way we respect each other, the way we like to be respected. We took parenting classes that really resonated with us. The idea is to let her develop skills on her own. So if two kids are having a conflict over a toy, we don’t want to step in and solve it for them. Obviously we’re there to make sure that nobody’s going to hit each other. But in my experience, if you let the kids take care of things, they figure it out quickly. Often it’s the parents that have the problem.”

On baby number 2: “I’m conflicted. I want to so that Satyana won’t feel the way I did as an only child, but I don’t want to have to share my attention. If I had another child I’m sure I would fall in love with him or her immediately. But I’m worried. We hit the jackpot with the first one. If you win the lottery, do you keep buying lottery tickets? Or just enjoy the lottery you won? ”

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  • Mi

    Alyson, having a sibling will only do good things for her!
    My brother used to drive me nuts when I was a child, but I can’t imagine my life without him! He’s 4 years younger than me and even so, we played a lot together.
    I understand the “hitting the jackspot” once and afraid of the next, haha.
    Here my mom always says I was the easiest child on Earth, so behaved and healthy and easy-going.
    Well, my brother was quite the oposite, would only go with her, had a lot of healthy issues until he was 3… but everything turned out well and even though nowadays he still worries her more than I do (for totally different reasons, since he’s more healthy than me now :P).

    So, if you have a stable family and money, go for it.

    It’s so sad to grow up without a sibling. Only someone who has one knows how hard it must be not having one. (that coming from someone who said countless times during childhood why on Earth did she kept asking mommy for a brother. lol)

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure she’s going to base a major life decision on the advice of a random internet comment.

  • Ashley

    Aw….Sati is so adorable! I would love for Alyson and Alexis to have another baby! I hope they do!

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