Jaden & Willow Smith Rock The Red Carpet

Karate Kid star Jaden Smith, 12, and his sister Willow, 10, posed for pics at the Nickelodeon’s 24th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday (April 2).

Willow rocked her unique style while Jaden kept it casual in jeans and a Vancouver Canucks hat.

Miss Smith performed at the awards along with the Black Eyed Peas and Big Time Rush.

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Photo credit: Fame / Bauer Griffin

  • Tiffany

    OK NOW….I’m diggin this look and Willow….VERY cute:)

  • Anonymous

    much better, they almost look like normal kids.

    • Anonymous

      haha I was thinking just the same!

    • Anonymous

      Gold lame hot pants and gladiator heels is age appropriate for a 10 yr old?

      Maybe if your mom is a hooker!

  • Anonymous

    i love u kids

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful and talented kids. LOVE the hat on Jaden! Go Canucks Go!
    Let’s hope their parents can keep these two on the right track as they get older. It probably won’t be easy with the two of them getting so used to being treated like rockstars at such a young age.

  • Anonymous

    God these kids are adorable. I don’t care what anyone says about them or their parents, I think they’re an awesome, loving, talented family.

  • Anonymous

    spoiled. annoying.

  • Bella

    Well I think Willows look is an improvement yet for me still too old for her age! She’s def. got some legs on her though. It’s ashame she looks more like daddy then mommy. Not that daddy is ugly just ya know the ears and all 😉

  • willow smith

    hi you guys !

    • kearah

      wats up

  • Rebecca

    *Throws food at them*

  • Anonymous

    hi willow!
    now go read a book and go away.

  • Trudi

    Willow look like one of these “skinny-models” for me. She is definitly unsuitable dressed for her age – also for this event.

  • Anonymous.

    willow go play with your barbies

  • Ondine

    For once we have a decent look for Willow — a natural and casual hairstyle and a gold glitterish short set w/ matching top and high sandals that match her belt. Maybe there is hope for her after all. Hopefully they fired whoever was dressing her before and this is a new beginning for Willow. She needs to build a fan base of her own, not destroy the one her parents forced on her. If only she could sing, but voice lessons and training can take care of that. I hope the parents are urging college educations on these kids so they have options other than show business.

  • Tazlena

    What cute kids! They both look adorable.

  • Anonymous

    hideous with a capital H!

  • Anonymous

    they did great

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