Jamie Lynn Spears & Maddie: Birthday Hugs

Pretty pair!

Britney Spears’ little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, is celebrating her 20th birthday with her adorable daughter Maddie Briann, 2½. The proud mom took to Twitter over the weekend to share some of her plans.

“What else do you do on your 20th birthday weekend?” she wrote and posted the above shot of herself giving a big hug to Maddie.

Maddie is her daughter with Casey Aldridge.

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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. Anonymous

    From everything I’ve seen, she seems like a wonderful mom. Good for her 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    wow, I totally forgot about her, which is a really good thing and makes me think that she’s a decent person and mom!

  3. Bella

    Wow Maddie looks like her dad Casey for sure!!

    yeah I’m proud of Jamie Lynn she stayed out of the spotlight, moved back to louisana and raised her daughter somewhat out of the public eye. Good for her!

  4. Anonymous

    I would love to see more photos of this family!

  5. Anonymous

    i hope she continues to have a happy life with her lovely daughter and stay away from this whole hollywood mess.
    she looks like a great mom.

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