Nicole Richie & Family: Treats At Tom’s Toys

It was family day for Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and their two kids, Harlow, 3, and Sparrow, 1, on Sunday (April 3). The couple, who were married in December, took them to Tom’s Toys in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Sparrow looked like the little rocker with his funky clothes and hair styled like a mohawk!

Richie was recently in the news for pulling an April Fool’s prank on the Kardashian sisters. For a joke, she hacked into both Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s Twitter accounts, posting funny crass messages to their followers.

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Photo credit: Flynet/Fame/GSI Media

  • Julita

    Is it Nicole or Joel that has naturally curly hair?? Both Harlow and Sparrow have these curls and im wondering where they came from?
    they make really pretty babies!

  • Country girl

    Sparrow looks a lot like Joel and Harlow like Nicole. What adorably cute kids!

  • Anonymous

    Julita@ while I couldn’t find any pictures of Joel as a kids I did find some on Nicole and when she was a little kid she had hair just like Harlow.

  • Anonymous

    Julita – Nicole is part African American – so that should explain the kinky/curly hair on her kids.

  • Julita

    thanks… Anonymous people ;)))
    those curls look so cute on them

  • Shirelle

    This is my favorite celebrity family. Harlow and Sparrow are so cute and Nicole is the most amazing mother

  • Walumbacumbajumba

    Wow, Harlow is looking more and more African as she gets older but then again that’s what she is.

  • Bella

    I know Nicole is mixed but Harlow to me looks like a white baby with really curly hair! She does look like Nicole and Sparrow looks like Joel but looking African yeah um not really.

  • Remy

    Harlow does not look African lol. Both kids are absolutely adorable and I love their curls!

  • Tiffany Batton

    Cute fam..but Harlow looks more like Joel and Sparrow like Nicole…..and laughing at some of the ignorant comments on here…you people know absolutely nothing about genetic features…smh!!

  • Anonymous

    I think Nicole is of Latina background (her birth parents) but was adopted by Lionel Ritchie (who is African-American) and his wife which creates the confusion..

  • Anonymous

    No, Nicole is actually half black because she is Linoel’s love child.

  • alaina

    Last time I checked Nicole bio it say. She is white mexican and black.

  • Anonymous

    Alaina is absolutely correct – she is white, mexican and black.

  • Walumbacumbajumba

    Harlow has kinky hair and a wide nose – 2 characteristics of being African American which her mother is. I don’t know why everyone has their drawers in a bunch over a comment that is absolutely the truth. If you don’t like that comment, then you don’t like the truth. When I look at her, I see a bi-racial child and African features and according to the 1 drop rule – she is a BLACK child. Nicole Richie is 1/4 black and always identified with being black. It is what it is and you can’t change what a person is.

  • Danielle

    Harlow gets more and more beautiful. Aw little Sparrow looks like a punk 🙂 He looks like Joel!

  • Anonymous

    Whether Harlow is black, mexican or martian, I think she’s absolutely adorable!

  • Toya

    Harlow, I guess you and Nahla have to deal with the same dissecting!! SMH These babies are too adorable…. I can’t get enough of Sparrow!

  • Anonymous

    There is no confusion, Nicole is Irish and African American only and that is all she admits to, nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    Sparrow is a mini Joel….All of them too cute.

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