Ali Larter & Her Sweet Sleeping Teddy

Ali Larter was spotted with her 3-month-old son Theodore, aka “Teddy”, shopping in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Monday (April 5).

Her adorable son slept in his car seat while the Heroes alum actress carried him into Phillippe’s Watches.

Ali and husband Hayes MacArthur are loving being first-time parents.

When he cries, it strikes me to my core, but I realize he’s just trying to communicate. The most surprising thing is when he pees all over me. The first time, I felt like I was initiated into the club! The other day, Teddy fell asleep on Hayes’ chest. To see my two guys—it was pure heaven to me.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Not familiar with her work, but the outfit seems a bit inappropriate for shopping at high-end Beverly Hills stores. Skimpy, form-fitting gym attire belongs in the gym.

    • Janna

      Are you serious?

      This woman has a successful career, an endearing personality, a marriage she (presumably) works hard for, and a new baby. And all you can do is try to berate her for what she’s wearing while she’s running errands, possibly on the way home from the gym?

      Please crawl back into your hole. The women on this planet don’t need to be criticized by the likes of you.

      • Anonymous

        I think your venom is a little over the top for a fairly innocuous comment. No one is criticizing “the women on this planet”.

        I was just a little surprised that someone would wear gym attire to go shopping in Bev. Hills. In most cities that I’ve visited or lived in, someone would not be taken very seriously if they went into a high-end store (what store in Bev. HIlls is not high-end) dressed like that. That’s it, end of story.

  • Tara

    I adore the name Theodore ( Ted) for a boy. I also tend to agree with Janna, although not as vehemently;).

    It looks like she was making a stop on the way from a workout. She looks pretty good for 3 months post partum.

  • Anonymous

    DAYUM. She looks great. Good for her.

  • suzan

    She looks great, darn it.

    Ok does anyone else think that there should be neck support thing for the baby?? His neck is kindda folded, TOO MUCH

    • Zoey

      You know it’s funny you say this. Because just yesterday my pediatrician at CHOP, was telling me how many babies end up with spinal curvature or neck problems due to those neck pillows that moms buy. Obviously we do not know any better and think yes our kids heads should be straight. But he said those pillows end up unnaturally forcing the neck into. Position it’s not strong enough to accommodate yet.

      When he said it, it made sense to me.

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