Edie Falco Gets By With A Little Help From Her Friends

Edie Falco has a confession: she can’t do it all. The Nurse Jackie star is one celebrity mom who admits to having lots of help from friends, relatives – and yes even nannies – when it comes to caring for her kids Anderson, 5, and Macy, 2.

“Working with two small children, two and five, takes a village,” she says. “No finesse involved. Nothing’s perfect. I have a surrogate family. Friends with no kids who lend a hand plus a number of nannies since the babies were born. When I miss them I miss them, what can I do? I could feel guilty, but it’s a waste of time. I used to blame myself for stress. I don’t do that anymore.

Edie says that when she isn’t working the kids get her undivided attention. “I’m home when I’m not working. I do breakfast pancakes or cereal. I take them to school. Nannies cook or we do takeout.

“In my jeans and T-shirt, no make-up, I take them to the park. If I get recognized because of my TV show ‘Nurse Jackie,’ that’s OK. All New Yorkers walk around like that.

“I provide them lots. I make money to give them things. I must believe that’s good enough and that they’ll eventually pick up on that. Both are in school. I’m grateful for my career, friends, and I have gratitude. If you have that, nothing is bad.”

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