Keith Urban Lives A “Normal Life” With His Family

With A-list actress wife Nicole Kidman by his side and a successful country music career, Keith Urban still says life with her and their two kids, Sunday Rose, 2, and Faith Margaret, 3 months, is “normal”.

Urban, 43, tells People Country, “We just have a normal life, we do normal things. Family is definitely a priority for us.”

He’s currently preparing to go on his Get Closer tour and works out four times a week with a trainer. He says he tries to eat “good, clean, quality” food, based around high protein meats and vegetables, but does like to indulge at times.

It’s not rocket science, right? I don’t deny myself anything; it’s calories in, calories burned. But I will devour an In-N-Out burger or Steak ‘n Shake burger every now and then. Love it.”

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  • Anonymous

    I hate when celebrities and non- celebs say they live a “normal” life.
    What is normal? Normal is relative, what might be to one family isn’t
    normal’ to another.

    • christi

      I hate it when people make rude comments but that does not seem to stop you does it? He means watching TV, shopping, dining out…he means they do not parachute out of plains every night. DOES THAT HELP YOU UNDERSTAND NORMAL???????????????

  • Anonymous

    Exactly anonymous… what’s the problem? He says they go grocery shopping, taking their child to school, to the movies…..sounds pretty normal to me except sometimes they have a job they go to that is a little different than maybe ours…maybe that is a little out of the normal, but besides that they want a normal life.

  • Anonymous

    Celebrities live in a different world than the rest of us, plain and simple. Anyway, it’s nice to have 2 posts in a row (Gwyn and Nicole) of leading lady A-listers. The standards for what constitutes a “star” on this site seem to be quite low. I don’t even recognize a large proportion of them!

  • Anonymous

    I love Keith Urban!

  • Anonymous

    I love the Urbans, love to see a family photo!!!

  • hopeso

    Big fan of both, so glad that they found each other. God bless the whole family. Keith Rock…..

  • Anonymous

    Normal is based on society. Here in North America, most of society live very similar lives (with the main difference being socioeconomic status). It’s not that hard to discover what is “normal”/

  • Anonymous

    What about the other kids, there are 4 not two.

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