Bristol Palin’s Big Teen Pregnancy Prevention Payday

Reuters reports that according to tax documents, Bristol Palin was paid more than $260,500 by the Candie’s Foundation to serve as an advocate for teen pregnancy prevention in 2009.

And apparently, the 20-year-old daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, and mom to 2-year-old son, Tripp, has been worth every penny!

“We know that Ms. Palin’s work has had a positive effect on creating awareness about teen pregnancy,” Ali Tyrangel, a spokesperson for the foundation said in a statement, noting that an independent survey of 1,000 teens found Bristol’s public-service announcements more effective and attention-grabbing than others.

Bristol Palin has been a courageous and powerful partner to the Foundation as we attempt to discourage teen pregnancy,” added Tyrangel.

Palin was pregnant at age 18 and gave birth to her son shortly after the 2008 Presidential election.

She and ex-boyfriend, Levi Johnston, had plans of marriage, but eventually ended their relationship with a very public split.

Bristol maintains primary physical custody of the couple’s child.

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  • E R

    Trig is Bristol’s brother’s name. Her son’s name is Tripp.

  • Lioness

    I’m not a fan of the Palins, but that little Tripp is SO freaking adorable (it’s actually Tripp, CBS- Trig is Bristol’s brother). He has the most beautiful eyes…

    • Lisa Weber


  • AnnieMouse

    Like her or not, I’m just glad as a teen mom she (seems…who really knows…) to be doting, caring, responsible, and obviously provides for her child…not all teen moms, or moms period can say they do all of that!

    • Anonymous

      That’s correct, because most teen moms don’t come from wealthy families like she does. She is lucky to not have to work a real job while having a baby and going to school.

      • Anonymous2

        You do not need to have money to know that it’s best to keep your legs closed until you are financially stable enough to take care of the child

        Our tax dollars usually take care of those who are not fortunate to come from ” wealthy families”. I am so tired of people knocking on this girl. She is doing the responsible thing and in fact you are misinformed, she had to work to raise her son, her parents helped with child care. Keep your liberal bias out of it.

        She is making something positive out of a situation that makes most her age go the wrong direction.

        • Helene71

          Completely agree, it’s not about wealth or poverty. I attended an exclusive private school where two classmates became pregnant- neither if them were given assistance from their parents and actually were forced to leave the academy because Their parents refused to support them financially. They both had to get jobs. They were allowed to live at home of course but any additional cost such as insurance and child needs were solely their responsibility.
          Furthermore because of their parents background they were not eligible for public aid.

        • Grace

          This has nothing to do with politics. The fact that you feel the need to toss around expressions like “your liberal bias” shows your bias. A person doesn’t haven’t to be a liberal to believe that Bristol’s situation is different from most teens. Anyone who eyes and common sense can see that she has advantages that a lot of teen moms have. That doesn’t take away from any responsible choices she may have made post-pregnancy – but at the same time, ignoring that she has the ability to take care of her child in a way that most teen moms don’t due to her mother’s fame makes you the biased one here.

          • Anonymous

            That is entirely untrue. Unless YOU yourself are the wealthy one there is no guarantee you will reap the rewards. I know this personally as I had drop out of college and my parents who are extremely well off, did not assist in anyway. I had to make my own way.

            The Palins come across just as strict, with the same you made your bed you lie in attitude.

            There is indeed a liberal bias when people assume that wealth equates a free ride.

  • Anonymous

    Yea the key words here are: PREGNANCY PREVENTION!

    • ME2


  • Tara

    I think Bristol has handled herself with a lot of grace and dignity. It was not her choice for her mom to go into the presidential race, at the precise time she became pregnant. She is different from many of the other so called poor teen mothers out there. Many teen moms, let alone mothers my age, are put under the unyielding scrutiny of both gossip AND mainstream news that she has been subjected to. This CBS article even has a tad sarcastic undertone.

    Give the girl her due, she did exactly what she was hired to do promote abstinence by lesson and personal example.

    • Tara

      *teen moms are NOT put under…*

  • Anonymous

    When did CBS change gears and venture into the fine world of auditing? The wording in the article implies that CBS has reviewed Bristol’s tax information, yet somehow I doubt this is the case: “According to tax documents…”

    Without reviewing her info firsthand, it’s a bit misleading to write this without citing a source.

    • Kat

      Candie’s Foundation’s tax information was made public. That is where the data is coming from.

  • Kat

    I’m disappointed that so many outlets are reporting this story and glossing over a very important key fact: Palin was paid $265K to speak. The foundation donated only $35K to pregnancy prevention measures. That’s appalling. She was paid ten times as much money as they put towards efforts to prevent pregnancy? Those numbers are dreadful. She should not have been paid that much. You can be effective and not be paid as much as she was.

    • Lioness

      Yeah, that was the kicker, Kat. Pathetic, to say the least. It should have been the other way round- Bristol doesn’t need that much. Big fat mistake by the foundation, especially since it slipped out… they ought to really be ashamed of themselves…

  • Bella

    No different then the teen moms on MTV’s teen mom who get paid thousands of dollars an episode. Difference here is Bristol’s trying to do something positive.

    • Tara

      Exactly bella.

    • Lioness

      It is different. This foundation specifically exists to help pregnancy prevention and teen mothers. MTV does not- it is a for-profit entertainment business… which is exactly what Teen Mom is: entertainment (even if it is based in reality). The foundation is failing its constituents- and its donors- by giving Bristol an amount so disproportionate to what it gave its own programs. I do not hold MTV responsible for the welfare of teen mothers- that isn’t its purpose, nor has MTV ever stated that it was. Candie’s Foundation, on the other hand…

    • Lioness

      It is different. This foundation specifically exists to help pregnancy prevention and teen mothers. MTV does not- it is a for-profit entertainment business… which is exactly what Teen Mom is: entertainment (even if it is based in reality). The foundation is failing its constituents- and its donors- by giving Bristol an amount so disproportionate to what it gave its own programs. I do not hold MTV responsible for the welfare of teen mothers- that isn’t its purpose, nor has MTV ever stated that it was. Candie’s Foundation, on the other hand…

      • Tara

        I agree 100% with your statement about MTV. Since it’s inception it marketed itself as anti- establishment. Therefore no one should expect anything truly productive coming out of it.

        However Candie’s Foundation is divided into two parts the non profit and the commercial side. It was clearly stated that the commercial branch provided the foundation with the fees to cover her costs. So in all truth Candie’s corporate paid her the money, NOT the charitable branch. That being said, while I am not a huge fan of the Palin family, I agree with other posters who say she was a better representative for this than say any of those other teen moms.

        Regardless it’s a slippery slope either way. Was her payday a bit excessive? Perhaps, but that can be said about many so called celebs who are front people for supposed charities. If her message helps one girl, that’s a good start.

        • CarlyGirl

          I heard that as well but wouldn’t it have been better if Candie’s divided the money up more evenly regardless of where it came from.. I will say that I know she is donating 25% of her book earnings to creating halfway houses for unwed mothers. I hope that is publicized as much as this has been.

  • Mememe

    Trying to do something positive??? What? Just saying “Don’t do what I did.” Gee that was hard. I actually think she’s probably doing a pretty good job as a single mother thrust into the spotlight not of her own choosing.

    However, I do think it’s appalling that she was paid a stinking ridiculous amount of money simply because she was stupid enough to get pregnant and happened to be the daughter of someone notorious.

    Instead, they could have paid $10,000 each to 26 different struggling teen mothers for whom the money would have made a huge difference in their lives. Instead they give it to Bristol who, let’s face it, has a huge safety net in her millionaire mother (that and the fact that she could also make a ton of money to dance on a reality show that no other teen mother would be invited to be on, except, yet again, she happened to be the daughter of someone famous.)

    What, actually, has she ever done on her own to deserve these HUGE paydays? Other than get knocked up, of course. Or being born to someone famous?

    That’s what makes me mad.

    (And before anyone jumps all over me, please note that I did say I thought she was probably a good mother from what I can see.)

    • Anonymous

      Why should the money that she gets go to 26 struggling teen mothers. They are not her responsibility. What people like Jenelle or Amber portwood, give me a break!

    • Anonymous

      Yes but as another poster said,just because you seemingly come from wealth does not automatically make it easier for you. If your parents cut you off, you very rarely get offered financial aid from the government. It happens all the time.

      I am not a palin fan, but I do think she went out and tried to support her son. She did not choose her parents. So she has a right to do what she sees fit to provide for her child. If it means using her name to get ahead,so be it. Anyone would do the same. She took responsibility – I am tired of hearing about poor poverty stricken single moms. Using your logic, why give them free hand outs- when all they managed to do was get “knocked up”

  • Anonymous

    it looks like she’s doing a good job

  • Audrey

    If Candie’s wanted to pay that sum, she was willing to accept that fee, and completed the contract, than she deserved the money. After all if anyone unknown had done the job would it have been effective. That’s why they hire the notable – it works.

    And I also think the message is better from someone who has walked the walk and experienced it than someone who just has an opinion.

  • debsa

    Infamous – well known for some bad quality or deed… does not a celebrity make…

    • Helene71

      First of all what is her bad quality? Having a baby out of wedlock? Then that about labels 50% of moms today.

      Most of the so called celebs today have done far more nefarious deeds than she ever has. Disliking someone because you may not agree with her parents views is acting like a petulant child on the playground.

      • Anonymous

        Your pocket thesaurus sure got a workout today, huh?

        • Anonymous

          What is sad is that you would need assistance in understanding big words. What is with being critical of proper grammar. You should be more concerned with the failing of literacy in our schools. There are only a handful of posters on this board who can put together a coherent sentence.

          Your concern should be that a lack of emphasis on the importance of education, is a catalyst for high teen pregnancy rates.

          Finally get a life. You most likely are the same poster who insulted others on a board for using “big” words. Intimidated much.

        • Cecelia

          As a high school teacher I agree with anonymous below. You should worry more about proper grammar than insulting when it’s used. For the life of me, I am amazed that people here consider an extensive vocabulary as something negative. I hope you are not the same anonymous from that Mariah article. If so I am seriously worried about this sites readership.

        • Helene71

          1/ surprised that you can spell or even know what a thesaurus is?

          2/ do you have anything constructive to say to this argument or are you merely one of those cowards who hides behind their computer insulting others sincerely engaged in an adult debate?

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