Danica McKellar: “You’re More Capable Than You Think You Are”

Actress and Math whiz Danica McKellar turns her attention to motherhood in the new issue of WebMD Baby.

Recalling her grueling 36-hour labor, the Hot X: Algebra Exposed author says, “During the toughest moments, I kept thinking about what I tell my readers about their abilities in math, and it resonated with labor, too: You’re more capable than you think you are.”

It wasn’t easy, but Danica is happy that she was able to fulfill her goal of a natural childbirth when she welcomed her son Draco last September. “I didn’t know if it would [fully] go that way until the baby was actually born,” she admits, adding that she delivered at the hospital because, “I wanted Western medicine close…I wanted to be prepared, just in case.”

Draco is just 7 months old, but the former Wonder Years star already has a baby brother or sister in mind: “The plan is to have them two and a half years apart,” she says.

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  • Tara

    She is beautiful, and like Alyssa Milano has not aged at all!

    Although the fact that Winnie Cooper is now a mom, truly makes me feel old;)

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