Heidi Klum: “Family Comes First”

Covering the May issue of Good Housekeeping, model mom Heidi Klum says that her big family is a dream come true.

“Every time I left the hospital with a big smile on my face and a baby in my arms, I said to the nurse, ‘I’ll be back next year!'” says Heidi, who has kids Leni, 6, Henry, 5, Johan, 4, and Lou, 1, with her husband Seal.

Don’t expect another pregnancy announcement from the Project Runway host, though – both she and her hubby have insisted that their family-of-six is now complete.

Heidi gives a glimpse into her kids’ unique personalities: Leni is “the lawyer type. She has wits and ways to manipulate anyone into whatever she wants. And you know what? Sometimes if she has a good point, I let her have what she wants.” Henry is artistic – “He lives in his own world.” Little brother Johan is the “‘why-why-why’ kid,” says Heidi, “You show him any word, and he can read it. He’s always the one with the book under the arm, and he always wants to know, ‘What is that?'” As for baby Lou, “She’s very observant. It’s probably quite a trip being born into a family where you have three older siblings. Boy, they pull her around. They don’t leave her out.”

When it comes to her partner in parenting, Heidi is quick to gush about Seal as both a husband and a dad: “He’s the most charming, loving, fun, gentlemanly, inspirational man I could have wished for,” she says. “He always makes me feel I’m the only woman in the world.

“He always puts family first, too. It’s about being Dad every day…. He says one of his favorite times of day is when Lou wakes up in the morning [and he gets up] and so it’s just the two of them.”

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  1. Anonymous

    “I’ll be back next year” — funny quote!

  2. Elizabeth

    I want Heidi and Seal to adopt me…

    They are such an amazing couple.

  3. Anonymous

    I love this family, Heidi and Seal are so hands on and wonderful!

  4. Anonymous

    I love Heidi. she has all these kids and she manages to stay so humble. I’m so sick of women who pops out 1 kid, then the next minute is advising others about breastfeeding, birthing, and stretchmarks and diet among other things that we’ve heard lately.

    Here’s an incredible woman who has 4 cute kids, and never preaches and acts like she’s the mother of all mothers.

    Love her and Seal.

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