Sheryl Crow Talks To Prevention About Her Boys & Dating

Sheryl Crow talks about motherhood, living in the country, and dating in the May issue of Prevention. The singer, who has battled breast cancer, has turned away from the Hollywood lifestyle and is raising her two boys, Wyatt, 4, and Levi, 1, in a 154-acre ranch outside of Nashville.

As a parent, she’s no pushover.

I’m strict. I think one thing that is missing now with kids is that hierarchy of adults not being friends, even though ultimately that’s what you want with your kids. They have to understand that somebody’s in charge and sometimes the answer is no. It’s about being consistent.”

Luckily for Crow, 49, her sons have men around to look up to.

She says, “I never thought I’d be raising a boy by myself. Now that I’m three and a half years in and I see Wyatt going into a little testosterone phase I’m like, Whoa! But he has great role models. He sees his two uncles and his granddad often and my farm manager on a daily basis.”

She’s current dating a producer and is managing to intertwine that part of her life with her children.

Crow say, “I’ve been in the situation where I’ve been involved with people and their kids, and if the relationship doesn’t work out, it’s heartbreak. So I’m keeping the relationship friend-based when we’re around the kids. Luckily, we have a great foundation, having known each other for fifteen years.”

As for a social life, she has one too!

She hangs out with close friends Nicole Kidman, Faith Hill and Kim Williams-Paisley and makes “a point to get together every couple of weeks.”

Crow adds, “My son goes to school with Kim’s son, and they are best buddies. There’s nothing sweeter than four-year-old boys holding hands.”

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome, grounded lady. Those boys are very lucky.

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