Orlando Bloom: I Love Being A Father

Orlando Bloom is a doting dad. And semantics aside, he really does love being a father to baby boy Flynn, his son with wife Miranda Kerr.

“Awesome I love it. I hate that word but I love being a father,” he told Hollyscoop. “It’s changed everything in so many ways.”

The Pirates Of The Caribbean actor has high praise for his wife Victoria’s Secret model Miranda – calling her “an amazing mother.”

“I feel so blessed and so lucky to just have a beautiful and healthy child,” Orlando continued. “It’s just incredible.”

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  1. Anonymous

    girlfriend? didn’t they get married last year?

  2. Anonymous

    Miranda is his wife- not his girlfriend 🙂

  3. Courtney

    simple oversight made more often than you think. this is nothing any proud new papa wouldn’t say so why is it getting coverage

    • Anonymous

      I know, they really should have more of their posts be about Mariah Carey.

      • Anonymous

        haha, I agree, love mariah! bloom and the baby are beautiful, the fact that seeing this kid, you gotta think of miranda once is a little upsetting for me.

        I have no problem with ms.kerr until she had the baby, and literally a week later, she started giving people advice about milk, birthing, stretchmarks all to advertise some oil she is making. It was a real turnoff. Like there’s people with many kids out there who don’t preach about their 1 month of motherhood. It was just not humble.

        Sorry in advance to miranda fans, it’s just my opinion and don’t get mad. it’s just one person. there’s many more who do like her.

    • lara

      You would be positively gushing if this was Nick Cannon or Mariah Carey talking.

  4. Anonymous

    I think it’s adorable to hear him talk about Flynn. If you don’t, don’t read it.

  5. Anonymous

    He seems like a great father and loving being a dad.
    What was he referring to when he said he hates the word? what word?

    i don’t want to piss people off, but whenever there’s a picture of flynn with miranda, it’s like he’s her ornament and bloom is the real caretaker.

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