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@KimberlilyVDB Commando crawling just got an upgrade to ALL FOURS!! It’s not consistent yet… But we’re working on it! Watch out world, Olivia’s mobile!!

@ScoutMasterson What do the cool kids watch these days? I know every line & song in every Yo Gabba Gabba episode…

@jamielynnspears road trippin it to mom’s… She always knows just how to make me feel better

@nicolerichie I thought I saw myself on TV, turns out it was Bill Murray in What About Bob

@tristasutter House is quiet, so I figure it’s time 2 mark my fav tweets, then write the ones on the kids in their journal/book of cute stuff.

@diablocody I made homemade pizza today and threw the dough in the air. I’m not saying it worked. I’m just saying I did it.

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Photo credit: Kimberly VanDerBeek's Twitter


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  1. Anonymous

    What a beautiful baby!

  2. Anonymous

    Wow..Olivia is gorgeous.

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