Flavio Briatore & Elisabetta Gregoraci’s Italian Stroll

Italian businessman Flavio Briatore and wife Elisabetta Gregoraci were spotted strolling with their 1-year-old son Falco Nathan on Friday (April 8).

The family-of-three were joined by some friends as they enjoyed a sunny afternoon in Rome, Italy.

Flavio is the biological father of Heidi Klum‘s 6 1/2-year-old daughter, Leni, who was recently adopted by her husband Seal.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    The baby actually looks a little like Leni in the face.

  2. Ashley

    What was the story there? Did Flavio not want anything to do with Heidi’s baby or what? Whatever happened, Seal seems like a great daddy to Leni.

    Flavio’s son is absolutely ADORABLE! He does help make beautiful babies.

    • Anonymous

      What I heard is that he didn’t want anything to do with her at first. He gave Heidi money and saw Leni twice or something. Anyways, around the time he actually wanted to be a father to her (when she was around two years old) he knew that Leni was already attached to Seal. Seal praised Flavio and said he was really looking out for Leni’s best interests by backing off and just letting Leni stick with the Dad she already has. The only thing Flavio does for Leni right now is keep a huge bank account for her for when she turns 18.

      • Tara

        Sorry to comment on this story so much, but it’s a touchy subject. I have a difficult time with the notion that a “parent” should expect to be accepted back I to a Childs life after a long period of absence. Who is to say they will choose to leave once again, therefore causing the child added pain once they reconnected.
        I for one would not risk that with my son and would therefore fight tooth and nail to keep him out of his life, until my son is mature enough to make that decision for himself. My son gets no support because his father lives in another country and enforcement has been tricky to say the least.

        I know each situation is personal so I can only account for myself.

        • Anonymous

          in my opinion heidi and seal are not doing the best interested for this girl…a father is always a father. They could say this girl all the s h i t but he ll be a rich b i t ch, early or late feel the gap between a story and the reality, adoption is not a prerogative to hide the true to your own child.Also if a father is an a s s O, if a biological father come back to his steps should be the father..only my thought

  3. klutzy_girl

    Ugh, this jerk. Leni is so much better off with Seal as her father.

    Flavio cheated on Heidi the day she announced her pregnancy and then said the baby wasn’t his. A paternity test proved he was the father. But Seal’s been involved in every aspect of Leni’s life, so he’s her father in every way.

  4. Annie123

    He’s cute and does kind of look like Leni, Heidi Klum’s daughter with Flavio.

  5. Julita

    I was thinking.. the boy is Leni’s brother, but even though Seal is officially her dad and Flavio has nothing to do with her now, do you think Leni should get to know and be in touch sometimes with Falco?? Whats your opinion??

    • Tara

      It’s a good question. If my ex husband had another child, I would have a very difficult time allowing my son to have a relationship with his half sibling. My sons father is not involved in his life at all. At this age, he is only two, it makes no difference, but if my son came to me when he was old enough to know that he had a half sibling, I would have to be a grown up and allow them to know each other. The reality is though, like this dirtbag- if my ex chooses to still have nothing to do with our son, my child would never even know he had a half sibling in the first place. He lives overseas.

      It’s something I hope I never have to decide. But ultimately what’s best for my son is what I will have to do.

      • Julita

        But a brother or sister doesnt have to do with the father so much.. no matter what happened between Heidi and Flavio and Leni and Flavio, Falco is still her little brother so i think they should know each other and see each other sometimes. The thing is the kids have no fault, they shouldnt suffer because of their parents’ choices…. or maybe simply when they are both adults they themselves (Leni and Falco) will decide whether they want to meet or not…
        Tara good luck for you!

        • Tara

          You are entirely right. The children are completely innocent. This is a horrible wish on my part, but I think my son would be better off if his “father” simply stays away forever. Fortunately financially I don’t need his involvement and he had not offered any emotional guidance. But I would not stop my son from having a relationship in the future if that is what he wants. As much as I would want to run over his “father” with a semi truck;)

          Thanks for the feedback. It’s something I grapple with in my mind.

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t see why he is on the site – he’s a businessman and from what I can glean, not in the tv or movie biz. Just because he was once involved with uber model Heidi Klum???

  7. Me123

    How does this old, ugly, creepy guy get these women? I mean really, Heidi? Really? Look at him.

  8. Anonymous

    She is dressed exactly like my 19 yr old sister. How do you pick which kid you are going to love and support? He let Seal adopt Leni.. Sad she won’t get to grow up knowing her other sibling. Men like him make me sick!

  9. Anonymous

    Falco is super cute but this man just seems like scum.
    If I remember correctly, I believe Seal was even there when Leni was born. He is such a wonderful father.

  10. Anonymous

    So do you guys really think she truly loves this guy? If he was not rich would they still be married? Let’s say he worked at Publix and introduced himself to her while stocking fruit.. would she have given him the digits?

    • Janna

      It works both ways: Do you really think he truly loves this woman? If she was a fat housewife in a mumu, with stringy hair, ugly teeth and a facial hair problem, would HE give HER the time of day?

      The point is: We have to presume that they are both getting something out of this relationship. If he’s getting some skinny, young thing that makes him feel vibrant and she’s getting some older, rich dude that makes her feel financially secure…. then who am I to judge?

  11. Tazina

    Of course not. The money is the initial attraction and the rest comes later. You can hardly blame her. Why would someone who has money want to be with someone who has none? Unless the guy is some kind of kept pet, the relationship could never be equal in terms of what they do for fun, travel, etc. etc. Money met money and it goes from there.

  12. Tazina

    Of course not. And she can put on a good act for the rest of his life to ensure her cushy lifestyle. Money is a very powerful attraction. She is set for life with the baby sealing the deal.

  13. Anonymous

    I completely agree with everybody’s comments…but maybe has regrets not raising his daughter and doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake. Just a thought.

  14. Anonymous

    Yes Seal was even there when Leni was born and while Heidi was pregnant with her.

  15. Anonymous

    Yes Seal was even there when Leni was born and while Heidi was pregnant.

  16. Anonymous

    Why would you want to have a child with a man who has nothing to do with his first child unless it’s for money his actions just speaks volume about him as a person.

  17. Anonymous

    Yes Seal was even there when Leni was born and while Heidi was pregnant.

  18. Anonymous56

    Why would you want to have a child with a man who has nothing to do with his first child unless it’s for money his actions just speaks volume about him as a person.

  19. Sarah34

    Regrets do stop you from doing the right thing and seeing your child even if it’s just as a family frined or uncle she 6 1/2 not an adult thier still time and from what Heidi has said in interview when ask he still has nothing to do with Leni.

  20. Ellie

    Elisabetta and Flavio are together for years. When he was ill with cancer, she has always been close and behaved splendidly, and it was not yet his wife, then not only for money.
    However, the child is very cute and she is beautiful!

  21. Lioness

    Heidi has moved on completely from this guy and seems very happy- why don’t we all do the same? This man made his choices and is living with them- why are we all still sitting around judging him? It’s a waste of time. I wish all involved the best, especially Leni and Falco.

  22. Anonymous

    are u guys for real? this kid looks Nothing like leni. com’on…

  23. Anonymous

    Briatore was sentenced for gambling-motivated fraud, cheating and swindle by fake playing cards [1][3] Briatore was also involved in the bankruptcy of Paramatti, and eventually convicted on various counts of fraud in Bergamo and Milan and sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison.[4] To avoid imprisonment, he fled to Saint Thomas,Virgin Islands. He never went to prison and he came back to Italy only thanks to an act of oblivion[5][6] In spite of his fugitiveness, he kept close relations with Benetton and opened some Benetton stores in the Virgin Islands. When Benetton opened his first five stores in the United States in 1979, he appointed Briatore as director of the group’s American operations. Thanks to Benetton’s methods of franchising, the chain experienced a brief boom in popularity in the US where, by 1989, there were eight hundred Benetton stores. Briatore, having taken a cut of each franchising agreement, became very wealthy. As store owners began to complain of competition from other Benetton stores, the number of stores decreased to two hundred and Briatore began to look for a new business.[7]
    [edit] Formula One

  24. Anonymous

    He is 30 yrs older than Elizabeth. She is a former Showgirl…only 28 when they met. Gross! Money talks….

  25. Anonymous

    As a kid who has been in this exact same situation, I will never get his reasoning for choosing to not be in his daughters life when he had the chance too, but he did the right thing by realizing Seal was her real father and who she’s had in her life since she was born, only to let them make it official with an adoption. Biology doesn’t make someone a father. I don’t even remember my ‘real’ dad, and I have no desire to know him really, because the man that has been in my life since I was two is my dad, and the best I could ever ask for, like Seal is to Leni. Best of luck to them though, and I hope that if Leni ever wants to one day, she has the chance to meet her brother, because half sibling or not, as well as the one’s she lives with and see’s everyday, they are brother and sister.

    • Tara

      Your post helped me a lot. I worry that my child will be affected knowing that his dad just up and left. But he has great male role models around him who he adores so that enough for me. I most likely won’t remarry ever again.. Been there done that;). But as long as he has strong honorable stable men in his life I think he will be fine,

      Good luck to you and thank you for sharing.

  26. Anonymous

    nice grandpa and his teenage daughter out for a stroll…

  27. melo1983

    Soo what makes him a celebrity…and why do we care?

  28. Tina

    I wouldn’t touch that guy for all the money in the world, how the hell could the models that allready had lots of money and fame be with him?!
    The dude looks like a drunk hobo with fancy clothing =/

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