Peyton Manning Welcomes Twins: Marshall & Mosley!

Double the congratulations to NFL star Peyton Manning and wife Ashley!

The 35-year-old Indianapolis Colts quarterback and his wife welcomed twins, RadarOnline reports. Their son Marshall Williams Manning and daughter Mosley Thompson Manning arrived on March 31st in Indianapolis, Indiana. The couple had not publicly announced the pregnancy.

A family source said: “It is true, it is happy news for them.”

These are the couple’s first children.

Peyton’s younger brother, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his wife Abby, welcomed a daughter, Ava Frances Manning ten days earlier on March 21.

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  1. mackenzie

    congrats to Eli and Ashley Mosley is an odd name .never heard the name.

  2. Bella

    Mosley Thompson? really?

    well congrats.

  3. Anonymous

    I love how people on other sites were talking about how Peyton would never have babies. HAH! Congrats to them!

  4. Anonymous

    Mosley probably has some kind of meaning… it’s not exactly a name you pick from the baby books. Marshall is a strong football name… here’s hoping for Marshall Manning playing football in the year 2035 😉

  5. mackenzie

    out of all the m girls name Makayla Megan Molly Mya.they chose Mosley

  6. Me123

    Um…Marshall and Mosely? Like Ted Mosley and Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother”? That’s all I would ever think of.

    I think it’s cute when girls have unisex names, but I think Mosley Thompson is just too much. If I didn’t know the kid personally I’d never know it was a girl. Oh well. To each their own.

  7. Me123

    Don’t know where my comment went but if it shows up, nevermind! It’s Ted Mosby, not Mosley from “How I Met Your Mother”. Still close enough…Marshall, Ted Mosby…Marshall, Mosley.

  8. Janice

    Congratulations to Peyton and Ashley! Love the names.

  9. Anonymous

    Im sorry but Mosley Thompson is the ugliest name for a girl. They couldnt have came up with something better.

  10. NoH8!

    Congrats Peyton, even though you play on arrival team;)


    Congrats to Peyton and Ashley! Love your names . . . and to those of you who don’t, have your own kids and name them what you want. Being critical is very unbecoming and rude!

  12. E R

    It seems like all four of the twins’ names could be family names. Maybe somewhere down the line Peyton and Ashley have relatives with the last name MARSHALL, WILLIAMS, MOSLEY and THOMPSON.

    Are we 100% sure it wasn’t two boys?
    If Mosley really is a girl she’ll surprise a lot of people her entire life.

  13. P-money

    Don’t know how Peyton & Ashley decided upon the first names. But I can tell you with certainty how they chose the middle names. Just like Marshall, Peyton’s middle name is Williams. The maiden name of Peyton’s mother Olivia is Williams. Mosely’s middle name Thompson is the maiden name of mother Ashley.

  14. Sophia

    Congratulations to Peyton and Ashley on the arrival of their twins. I can’t say I’m not much of a fan of the names, particularly Mosley (how is that even pronounced? Is it MOES-ly or MOZ-ly or MOSS-ly?) but to each their own, and so long as they’re all happy and healthy.

  15. Arianna

    It’s as if they tried to take Moses and make it feminine! Epic Fail!!!

  16. Anonymous

    It’s Ted Mosbey.. on How I Met Your Mother, not Mosley. Still pretty close, though.

  17. NicoleF.

    Congrats. I justed remembed that Eli welcomed his daughter on the 21st and Peyton welcomed his twins on the 31st that puts the cousins at 10 days apart on the dot.

  18. NicoleF.

    Congrats. I justed remembed that Eli welcomed his daughter on the 21st and Peyton welcomed his twins on the 31st that puts the cousins at 10 days apart on the dot.

  19. Anonymous

    Congrats To MR PEYTON MANNING!!!! I hope Marshall will carry on Peyton Manning’s legacy!

  20. Kat Berkley

    Congrats to both Eli & Peyton , and to Ashley and Abby… I AM A BIG FAN of both of you. I am 72 years old… just started loving football after I got to know about your family. What wonderful examples you both are. Not many good examples out there for kids today. I pray for you every day. Can’t wait for the season to start. God Bless..

  21. Tom Brady

    He should have named his boy Tom Brady Manning….that would have been sweet.

  22. Anonymous

    maybe Mosley is a family name of Ashley’s. It is southern tradition to name the daughter after the mother’s maiden or maternal grandmother’s maiden name.

  23. jeni

    if youre going to criticize the names they chose for their babies at least have enough brass to sign your name to your comment

  24. The babies are adorable. Congrats to Ashley and Peyton. As to their names , well am sure there good reasoning behind “Mosley “(but just in case have a cute nickname! ). Wish you much love and happiness

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