Selma Blair: Horsing Around

Looking cute in a striped T and faded jeans, mom-to-be Selma Blair headed over to Burbank, California yesterday to visit her beloved horse Taffy (April 7). Apparently it was Taffy’s 10th birthday!

Though she didn’t go for a ride – probably a good idea at this stage of her pregnancy! – Selma seemed happy to spend some time with the animal.

The 38-year-old actress is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, designer Jason Bleic.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. horsie girl

    her horse’s name is not TAFFY! and she is a Boy. Stupid paparazzi.

  2. Sara

    Aww, what a sweet picture.

  3. Anonymous

    Love Selma. But I would worry about getting close to horses while pregnant regardless of how friendly they seem. I grew up on a farm in Kentucky and even the most docile animal gets frightened by the littlest thing, let alone camera flashes.

  4. Anonymous

    Can someone say, staged photo-op.

    Is there one day that a celebrity is not whoring out their fetus/baby? NO

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know, but ever since she announced her pregnancy, I’ve never seen so many pictures and coverage of Selma Blair — and she doesn’t even have any projects to promote at the moment.

    • seriously?

      are you kidding me? You think Selma Blair or any other celeb mommy-to-be WANTS the paparazzi in their face stalking them everyday, everywhere they go, taking pictures of them eating their lunch and drinking their morning coffee? Or better yet, being tailed to their horse stable and ruining their leisure activities? I don’t think so. Idiot. As far as “whoring the baby out” the celebs don’t get paid for the photos and all the harassment they put up with. The paparazzi are the ones that get paid for the photos. Moron. Use your brain. AGAIN, could we please make the math question a little harder as to weed out the stupid people?! Please and thank you Celebrity Baby Scoop.

  5. Anonymous

    Love her. Love her horse.

  6. Sir Winston

    Pretty mommy. Gorgeous horse.

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