‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Expecting Baby No. 14!

Kody Brown is going to be a father again!

The patriarch on the controversial TLC reality show, Sister Wives, confirms to People that he and his fourth wife, Robyn, are expecting their first child together in October.

“You should have seen the look on his face when we found out,” Robyn, 31, told the magazine.

Though the baby will be the couple’s first, Robyn has three other kids from a previous marriage, and Kody has a combined 13 children with his other wives — Meri, Janelle, and Christine — bringing the total to 17 children in the Brown’s fundamentalist Las Vegas household once the new addition arrives. And lots of little helpers for Robyn!

The other day I wanted a sip of iced coffee,” recalls the expectant mom, “and Aspen and Mattie (two of her sister wives’ teenaged daughters) were with me and said, ‘Oh no you don’t. You shouldn’t be drinking coffee.’ It was cute. They’re so protective. And I can’t even tell you how many times a day I have kids kissing my belly.”

The proud papa is “overjoyed” about adding to his family, but one point of contention between he and his newest wife has been deciding between having a home birth, or delivering at a nearby hospital.

“If Kody had things his way, he’d have me go to the hospital,” says Robyn. “But I just like having home births. I’m not big into sitting around in a hospital.”

They may not agree yet, but Kody seems willing to negotiate on the matter. After all, this isn’t his first rodeo!

“I try to always be kind and tender,” says Brown, “but when a woman is expecting, you have to be ultra sensitive. And always do the dishes.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Yuck. Seriously…how in the world do these people get away with this lifestyle? Not only that, but they are on TV getting paid for their crappy disgusting lifestyle!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      “how in the world do these people get away with this lifestyle”?!?

      ITS THEIR LIFE! They’re not hurting ANYONE!

      These kids are happy and healthy…the moms went in to all this willingly…. Tax payers are not paying for the…why should you or anyone else care?

      As for the show, here’s simple solution to your problem…if you don’t like the so much…DON’T WATCH THEM! See how easy that is?


      Congrats to the browns…I can’t wait to hear the name 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Not hurting anyone???? Just 17 kids involved in this sick and twisted lif!! God did not intend for people to live this way!!! SICK!

        • Anonymous

          Each and every one of those kids has a mother and father who love them. They are not abused or starved. They live happy lives. I don’t understand why you think they are being hurt. With the exception of Robyn’s kids, this is the only life they’ve ever known.

        • Janna

          God did not intend? Are you kidding me? Have you ever READ the Bible? There was so much plural marriage it isn’t even funny.

          Why do YOU care how they raise their family? Do you say the same about Orthodox Jews? How about Mormons? Strict Catholics? Amish? Are they all hurting their children because of their “lifestyles”?

        • L.A. Anderson

          GOD did not intend for people to live this way? Ever heard of this book its called The Old Testament?

          Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, and others all had multiple wives. In 2 Samuel 12:8, God, speaking through the prophet Nathan, said that if David’s wives and concubines were not enough, He would have given David even more. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines (essentially wives of a lower status), according to 1 Kings 11:3.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe you need to read the bible more closely. Many plural marriages were done (thousands of years ago) because of financial reasons and safety for women. For example, if a woman became a widow, it was the duty for the brother of the ‘deceased’ to marry his wife. This was because back in those days society was different, and it wasn’t safe nor was a single woman capable of taking care of herself. Often times she would leave her family from one village, and move to another village with her husband. If he died, she could potentially starve to death, same with her children. Even so, you can’t even compare what people did 1000 years ago to today. A lot of other ridiculous stuff is written in the bible. For gosh sakes, it was acceptable to stone a woman to death if she wasn’t a virgin.! LOL. Is that OK too?

            What Kody does is not relevant in today’s society, and in my opinion it’s just perverse. Even in today’s society, Orthodox Jews do not marry more than 1 wife, even if it was ‘written’ in the old testament. In Islam, they still do, but even then it’s not that common.

            So yes, for them to supposedly be in plural marriages because they believe in it, is just a bunch of bologna. They don’t seem to be very religious in any other aspect do they?

            People do have the right to judge. First of all, it’s deemed illegal, and it does go against moral standards. Sorry, but I don’t follow moral standards of 2000 years ago, I follow moral standards of today. It’s the same thing as marrying a 13 yr old. It was allowed back then, should it be allowed today? If you saw an old man marry a 13yr old, would it be OK by you or would you be appalled?

            I know that the women seem nice and their children do seem well taken care of. I just can’t help but still think that Kody is just a perve who wants to have 4 wives to fawn over him.

          • Janna

            Hey Anonymous (who wrote a whole novel)… You’ve completely missed the point. The other poster is the one who brought up what “God Said” as an example of how hideous their lifestyle is.

            I think if you thinks it’s perverse, you just don’t do it. Period.

            I think it’s perverse to have sex with a rubber monkey in a swing hanging from the bedroom ceiling, so I just don’t do it. But I don’t begrudge other people’s right to do it. It’s (say it with me) NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

    • Anonymous

      I watch the show every sunday when it is on. And I like how the parents will let the kids decide what they wanna do. They don’t ever push the kids to follow the lifestyle. I personaly DO NOT agree with that lifestyle, but they do their own thing, live their own way and follow their own religion…thats perfectly ok 🙂 they are showing no harm to anyone. So therefore, people should let them be. I feel sorry for them that people attack them….they don’t attack people like me that believe one man and one woman. I wish them the best and think they are great for doing their own thing. Oh well if he has 4 wives, doesn’t hurt me so I hope they have a great life.

  2. Sophia

    I was just thinking, what this family needs is DEFINITELY another baby!

  3. Anonymous

    I was hoping Meri was next 🙁 well congrats to them! I hope Meri and Christine have more kids. Awesome family sans dad lol he’s a bit of a ham

  4. Anonymous

    they are happy…so be it. congrats to them!!!! love the show!

  5. Anonymous

    i was hoping Kody and Robin would have a baby together:)

  6. Marilyn

    How about they go to a hospital, just in case something goes wrong or she needs a Ceasarean, just to be safe.

  7. Anonymous

    I was thinking this family DEFINITELY does not need another baby when they were complaining about having money problems and this is the last time I will comment on them as to not give CBS the idea I won’t them to post on these people and I don’t think they should be on here anyway because they are not celebrities.

    I suggest other do the same if they do not want CBS to post stories about them.

    • Anonymous

      I agree about the money situation. These folks just moved…Do they have jobs? How do they support all of their inbred kids? Disgusting. Why are they even mentioned here?

      • Anonymous

        Find a dictionary and look up the word inbred, because you obviously do not know what it means. You’re entitled to your opinion, but at least try to be coherent.

        And whether you like the family or not, the kids didn’t choose the life they live, so to say cruel things about them only shows your true character.

      • cc

        Meri lost her job, Kody is an ad exec (I think–he’s in advertising), Christine and Robin stay at home. Robbin has not found an employer, but is a nurse. As I’ve heard, Janelle has an awesome job and actually makes more money than Kody.

      • Anonymous

        the children are not inbred, they all have 1 mother and 1 father whom are not related. and he is not having children with his children, so they are not inbred. I honestly hope that people realize that religious freedom is a right in this country and I don’t think anyone should judge them for their choices. I would be honored to meet them or live near them, they seem like good people who take care of their own, and would more then likely help anyone outside the family that would need it too… More then I can say for a lot of regular families.

  8. Georgia Elizabeth

    Just because it’s not the way you were raised or told was ‘normal’ doesn’t mean that It’s disgusting. The family seems really lovely.

  9. Anonymous

    This lifestyle is against the law, right? I am not 100% on that, but i think this dude just gets off on being a big macho man. I would think the kids will be confused by this when the get out in the world or just carry on the lifestyle. I don’t think i could handle sharing my husband with other women, but that is just me.

  10. Anonymous

    Put his butt in jail. His “lifestyle” is against the law. Instead of loving just one woman till death do us part, he gets to find a new woman everytime he gets tired of the other ones. What a piece of trash.

    • Marilyn

      I agree but then the authorities have to go out and find all polygimists and arrest them, too which would be quite a lot (I heard a number but I forgot how many they think there are).

    • Anonymous

      WeLl, this is just funny to me. It’s illegal in Utah but it’s an old loss on the hooks, like the random other laws we find in all states (don’t bring a cow to church on Tuesday” kind of randomness)
      The truth is this family unit loves their children, and this is a man who is taking care of his wives and children.
      I can think of a lot more men who should be in jail, oh, I dunno, those who abuse their kids, the men who run around cheating, having kids by multiple women and running away leaving women to pick up the pieces.

      And while I’m at it, over half of monogamous marriages end in divorce. “til death do us part” is really not valid anymore for most people, but these guys are sticking together through it all.

      This family has a lot that many of us in “normal” relationships should strive for. I don’t see Kody running off to the bar, to games, into a computer game, or into a man cave to drink and ignore his family. He spends his free time with hs family. Geez, I think most men could learn something from that.

      They also are raising their children with options, which is really rare for ANY family. A family’s beliefs are how they raise their kids, no matter what they are. At least this family s open minded enough to say “we will let you choose what you think is best” (daughter Madison, I think, has even said while she loves her family, the polygamist lifestyle is not for her. She wants a traditional monogamous marriage)

      The truth of the matter is: they are not hurting anyone. They are raising their children in a loving household without want for food, shelter, love or comfort. They are well educated. They are giving their children the best they can, and quite honestly, we should all want the same for our kids.

      I am in a traditional monogamous marriage with three children and my husband is a truck driver, gone most of the tine. My kids would probably love it if I had a sister wife if it meant their daddy could be home to spend more time with them. 😉 I could never be that selfless though. I am way too selfish to share. I guess that says more about them as well.

    • Christie

      I completely disagree with you. While I don’t think I could live this lifestyle, I don’t begrudge anyone of practicing their own faith. You obviously have not done any research on Fundamentalist Mormons, and are just spouting off your opinion without having any real facts. Have you watched the show Sister Wives at all? They really are a loving, caring family. No matter what you think about their being polygamists, it’s obvious that this man loves all four of those women and all of his children are loved and taken care of. So he’s a piece of trash for taking care of his children and loving his wives? I don’t get that. And he isn’t actually breaking any laws. He is only legally married to his first wife. The others are spiritual marriages. So while he calls them wives, they really aren’t legally married. How does this make him different than a man in a monogamous marriage that cheats on his wife and has girlfriends and children out of wedlock with those other women? And believe me, that happens ALL of the time. Do you want to throw those men in jail too? The only difference is that all five of those adults have gone into this situation knowingly and their relationships are open and loving ones. And their children are not forced into living this lifestyle or forced into being fundamentalist mormons when they reach adulthood.

  11. Anonymous

    Well technically if he isn’t legally married to all four women, then he isn’t doing anything illegal correct? At least he isn’t cheating on the women with a bunch of different women that they don’t know about, like some men do! Either way, they are a loving family, and I am happy for them. Just because it isn’t my cup of tea particularly, doesn’t mean that they are in the wrong.

  12. Arianna

    Forget about him. These women who want to “share” him are the one’s who need a reality check. And I know it’s not my life, or my kind of lifestyle, but how healthy is this for children to grow up and think that this is an okay way of life. I’ve never seen the show I only remember them on Oprah and I had to turn it off bc I just couldn’t agree with the practice of their so called lifestyle. I’m sure the kids are well adjusted, fine, and okay with their blended families but I hate that this is the kind of stuff that’s on tv that people actually watch. I can’t see it being entertaining in the least. But to each their own.

  13. Arianna

    I think the only thing it’s teaching the kids is that it’s okay to sleep around with different people and get knocked up because spiritually it’s okay [insert the eye roll].

  14. charmgirl2k

    Kody got what he wanted…ANOTHER baby-maker. Just seeing him ask Meri to undergo more fertility solutions, made me realize his motive. in FLDS terms, “celestial king” and be able to take those photos with the wives and zillion children that flds love to have. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the lifestyle, I am not liking Kody. He plays dumb on purpose, to get out of answering important issues.

  15. Ondine

    I love the Brown family and their TV show. This is clearly a household being run by women who share and pass around Kody like the adored doll he is. I find this lifestye most attractive and think many women might agree w/ me. I’d gladly give up constant one-on-one contact w/ my husband in favor of one or more sister wives to share the load and embrace and work together to build our family. Let them be fruitful and multiply. They are clearly a happy and loving family, each and every one of them.

  16. Anonymous

    It’s not for me but I have no problem with who they are. I thought the women would, stay home and be ruled by him, but they are their own people. There children have chooses to be who they are and not force into strange stuff. i feel like i see it in a different way. I am still not down with it but if all parties are willing and the children are loved and taking care of… which they are by five people then it all good with me. I first watch this show to see a train wreck but it is far from that. I think everyone should at least take a look at it before hating them.

  17. AJ

    Their lifestyle is definitely not for me, but I can’t deny that they really seem like a loving family. I’m pretty much, “to each their own” in this case. The women are all consenting, and they have stated many times that they don’t expect their kids to carry the same beliefs and they can live how they choose. And I’ve only seen a couple episodes but one thing I noticed, you can tell without any doubt how much each woman loves each child, including the ones not biologically theirs. Which is more than a lot of kids in two-parent households can say..

  18. Anonymous

    When heterosexual couples can get their act together and the divorce rate lowers, then maybe they can tell others who they can or cannot marry. Until that day comes, I don’t think the government has any right telling someone who or how many people they can love.

  19. Lioness

    I don’t understand why people are so disturbed by what other people do in the privacy of their own homes. Is it that they scare you- is that it? If so, that’s a personal problem, right? Polygamy doesn’t affect my life or yours in the slightest unless you choose to participate in it- so why the vitriol? These people seem happy and well-adjusted- no one is being hurt, and they take care of themselves. The judging by so many people is completely nonsensical to me.

    • Victoria

      When you open your lifestyle up to cameras you lose your right to privacy and give people the right to judge all they want.

      • Janna

        I think the question should be: WHY are you judging? Do you judge every other religion? Every other lifestyle that is unlike yours? Every other decision that people make for their kids that has nothing to do with you?

        • Lioness

          Exactly my point, Janna. The purpose of the show is exposure, not an invitation to judge. Victoria, like Janna asked, WHY do you feel the need to judge? TLC asked the family to do a show- they accepted. People can choose to use viewing the show as a positive or negative experience: you could use it to open your mind, or you could use it to judge them like all the other unhappy saps out there. It’s your choice.

      • Anonymous

        They went pubic, there are consequences to that, but I want to know if Robyn’s children aren’t related to Kody, could he at some point marry her daughter from previous marriage or one of her
        other sons, since there is no blood between them?

  20. Anonymous

    This just makes me and sad. I WILL NEVER watch this show.

    • Anonymous

      the you can’t judge them. I watch the show after I saw the post on here, I was ready to make comments about it but after watching it everything I thought faded away. It’s not for me but I have to say I wouldn’t mind growing up in such a loving family. If all children in the world could be so lucky for have 5 people who love them like that. The show changed my view alot and even though I wouldn’t choose this life for myself. I see nothing wrong with it and I have great respect to the browns for changing people view. I am queer and I want the right to get married and have a family and I for get that there are different people out there fighting for the same right.

  21. Anonymous

    Kody is so lame with that 80s hairdo and corny attempts at humor. I can’t believe he got ONE woman to sleep with him, let alone four.

    • charmgirl2k

      I know, right. Kody did look good on his wedding pictures to Meri. His fear of loosing his hair, per his comment, I think keeps him with this hairstyle. He plays this corny, “I have to connect with each wife”, role.

  22. Anonymous

    This is the big problem for me…in no way are the women ever to even consider sleeping with another man. Kody was horrified when someone asked him about this. I do not like this in any religion, women held to a different standard than men. If, as Kody says, that love should be multiplied, than why can’t there be men involved in their big happy loving family. This is a fundamental problem that makes this lifestyle sexist and ultimately unfair. Even if the women agree to it, which they do, in the FLDS world, most women are not treated as equals and so perpetuating this lifestyle is wrong.

    Also- Kody is a tool.

  23. Maiasmom

    I don’t care how many wives this clown has or anyone else for that matter so long as they support themselves and not on the public welfare system, But holy cow, this clown has 14 children, a new young wife. Enough already with the kids. What I have seen is at least 2 of the children, Hunter thinks there are far to many kids in this family, one daughter rejects this life style saying she does not want to share her husband with other women. Good for these children to stand up and express what they think and feel. As for the reason the Brown’s went public, hey Kody, it was about money first. Meri cries that she lost her job because she had sister wives, not so, her employer knew about this family and looked the other way UNTIL they took it public and the spot light was on her employer. The State of Utah looked the other way until going public forced them to take legal action. So Brown’s don’t whine about “oh my, look what they are doing to us” crap, you did it to yourselves. Did you even ask your older children what they thought about their private lives being broadcast to the world? As I said, I don’t care who Kody sleeps with, but enough with making more children. I think even God might agree, enough is enough.

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