Tyra Banks: America’s Next Top Mommy?

Is Tyra Banks trying to get pregnant?

During a recent appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, the 37-year-old America’s Next Top Model host said that she’s ready to start a family with boyfriend, John Utendahl, very soon, and even hinted that they’ve already started the uh… process!

“I definitely want babies,” Banks told host Piers Morgan on Wednesday (April 6).

When Piers asked Tyra if she was “trying to have a baby,” the former supermodel coyly replied, “Yeah, maybe.”

But don’t expect to spot the current Harvard Business School student sporting an engagement ring before you see her with a baby bump.

Like many other celeb moms, Tyra’s not hung up on the idea of being married prior to having children, telling Morgan, “I don’t think it’s necessarily necessary.”

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  1. klutzy_girl

    As much as I dislike her, good for her on her marriage thoughts! You don’t have to be married to have a family.

    • Anonymous@RichmondVA

      You don’t “have to” but studies have shown, children who are products of a relationship that started out legally binding ( even if later they divorced) were more secure, had better ability to deal with emotion, more intelligent, and ended up having more successful relationships themselves. (Child Psychology Magazine- December 2010).

      Personally I tend to think it can be harmful to intentionally have a child out of wedlock. I know finding the perfect mate, let alone one that’s “good enough” is extremely difficult. I was married ten years before I divorced. But if I knew on my wedding day that I would end up divorced, I still would do it all again. My two boys fit all the above criteria ( except relationships;)) I do not condemn anyone who goes it alone, but worry about the message it may send. Let the bashing begin.

      • Tara

        I can see where you are coming from and I have read those same reports. I would agree with the basis of argument because I too feel married parents ( or those that started out that way) are the best example. However in today’s society it’s not really as much a stigma as in the past. If the child is loved, well looked after and happy I guess that’s the most important thing.

        The only thing in the case of Tyra is that she holds herself to be a role model for young girls. I think maybe by showing a disregard to the tradition of marriage might be sending a mixed message. Who knows- she looks like she will be a good mom married or not.

      • Anonymousmomfromphilly

        Is this the study done by the Clinton administration in the late 90s? I think actually Janet Reno initially wanted it, but it did not get the funding until later. If so it was actually pretty good. Not sure who the doctor was, Foley?, Kroll? Knoll? Anyway it was interesting how it was divided.

        I am on the fence personally about this, but I think if you can start out with a marriage what’s the harm? It shows commitment.

    • AnoAnonymousnymous

      You don’t have to, but you should.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow she’ll make a great mommy (: Luv u Tyra!

  3. Anonymous

    I think Tyra will make a wonderful mother!

    BTW, I don’t think John Utendahl is 37. He’s in his early fifties according to other sites (although I couldn’t confirm his official birthday). Just an FYI.

  4. Anonymous

    Tyra I really love ur show and I think u will make an awesome
    Mommy u rock girl

  5. Anonymous

    Besides money, why do super models like old men. Daddy issues maybe? Gross. Oh well better her than me.

  6. Anonymous

    i love u tyra and u will be a great mommy!!

  7. MrNiceGuy

    As long as it’s all about her she will be happy.

  8. Anonymous

    Do the studies that show married parents’ children are better off directly compare married parents to unmarried parents in a relationship, or is it married parents vs all others, single parents included? If there are more variables than legal marriage, then the results are biased. AND, what organization funded and/or conducted the study?

  9. Anonymous

    I’d like to know if the studies that show children of married parents being better off compare married parents directly to unmarried parents in a relationship, or if they also include single parents. If there are more variables than legal marriage, the results are biased. AND, what organization funded and/or conducted the study?

    • Anonymous@RichmondVA

      The study was run by Harvard University, not exactly the most conservative or traditional bastions out there. It had a blind study of 50 different one year old children. Followed them for ten years from 1998-2008. The group was equally divided between married couples, unmarried couples and single moms and single dads. They were all middle class income ( around $75,000 a year per household). All adults were 20% college educated, 20% post college, 20% technical degree, 20% some college, 20% other. Equal division of religions, races and where they lived in the USA. It’s about as balanced as you can get.

      After following the kids for ten years, 75% of the children that scored higher on aptitude test were from a married set of parents ( even if they divorced during those ten years), 69% were more emotionally adjusted, 60% were more social, 62% were healthier.

      The facts do not lie. Go to American psychology today, enter the search title “DR. KOLL” and the years the study was hosted and all the info is in there. No one is condemning anyone for their life choices, these are blind test results. No one should get offended.

      Btw the study was paid for by the Clinton administration department of Education. So tax dollars in Massachusetts helped subsidize it. No special interest group at all.

      • Chloe

        Thanks for the info. These studies are always fascinating. Regardless of where you sit on this debate I think logic applies to the results. Marriage shows intent for commitment, single parents do not have as much of a safety net as marital unions and there is a sense of security. Again nothing is ever 100% cut and dry. Each case is unique.

  10. Anonymous

    The right way is God’s way and that’s between 1 man and 1 woman who are married! Nothing is sacred anymore and tragically their will be dire consequences.

  11. Anonymous

    Why does everyone think she’ll make such a great mother?? From what I’ve seen on her show and other talk shows, she seems incredibly self centered. Not a great quiality in a mom.

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