Paul Bettany & His Boys: New York City Stroll

Paul Bettany along with Kai, 13, and Stellan, 7, and their family dog were spotted as they walked to school through their New York City neighborhood on Monday (April 11).

Jennifer Connelly sat this one out, although she did join her family last week on a school run and gave everyone a first glimpse of her growing baby bump.

The Dilemma actress was recently on Late Night With David Letterman and described her morning sickness this way:

“It was…like cell phone service sketchy,” she said. ‘You know how you have your cell phone service and you have to stand in one spot. I have to stand in one spot in my apartment to make a phone call.

“It was like that with nausea,” she laughed.

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Photo credit: Fame

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  1. Elizabeth

    Stellan is a mini-Jennifer and I don’t know about Kai as I’ve never seen his father.

    Hope this third one is a girl, but I have a feeling it’s another boy.

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