Pregnant Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Pose Nude For Pics – Again!

Grammy-winning recording artist Mariah Carey, 42, and her husband, Nick Cannon, 30, bared the bump and all in an exclusive photo shoot for Britain’s OK!.

This is the second time the couple has posed nude for a publication. And if you’re thinking you’ve probably seen more of them than you ever wanted or needed to, you’re not alone. Apparently, Nick’s also wishing he hadn’t um- put it all out there, telling the listeners of his radio show, “My children are going to have to see these pictures.”

“It’s a little weird, it’s a little nasty; I mean, have you ever seen your parents naked?,” Cannon asked on his program, Rollin’ with Nick Cannon, shortly after wife Mariah appeared on the cover of Life & Style.

“When they get older and their friends come over, they will see the pictures and say, ‘Your daddy’s butt naked,'” said Nick. “I don’t want my naked booty out there for everyone to see!”

Too late!

There’s still a little time for Nick and Mariah to get rid of all the evidence. The couple’s twins – a boy and a girl – are due at the end of the month.

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Photo credit: OK! UK

  • cari

    I really like and love that nick and his wife are havin twins and it isn’t easy takin care of not one but two kids it is really hard and both mother and father have to be in it together all the way because not just the mother can take care of the babies but the father can help to. But i am happy for both of u. Good luck with everything and i now that nick and his wife are goin to be great parntes

    • Anonymous


    • Meri


  • Cabos

    To each their own i know, but it’s funny how we have extreme opposite cases of celebrities who keep their personal lives in the most strict privacy that we barely see their kids or stuff like that, and then we have celebs like Mariah among others who simply can’t get enough of showing off every single detail of their life.

  • Annika

    A mad, mad woman.

  • Anonymous

    this is a bit much

  • alaina

    This couple is desperate for attention .I don’t think there is any other celebrity couple who curves attention more then nick and mariah.

  • Anonymous

    honestly, I don’t think it’s such a big deal… children shouldn’t be taught nakedness is something shameful or disgusting.. not that going extreme to the other way is better of course.

    • vincent


    • Anonymous

      Yes but children should be taught about modesty and respect for the PRIVACY OF their bodies. Do you actually think any child under ten even comprehends what being ashamed is anyway? Why not emphasize the fact that yes your body is unique but it’s meant to be solely theirs.

      Do you and your husband sit at the kitchen table groping ( which is far more intimate a setting than the cover of a magazine) one another in front of minors?

  • Anonymous

    thats disgusting, I’m gonna vomit…

  • suzan

    BAD PIC honestly, him holding the boobs WTF

  • Anonymous

    so gross, I’m going to vomit…

  • Anonymous

    baaaad vry baad

  • Brooke


  • Anonymous

    He’s not just artistically covering her breasts either, he’s really groping them!

  • Tara

    The argument that the female body is nothing to be ashamed of and is a “beautiful thing” just went out the window. These pictures are borderline pornographic. It is one thing to be proud of your body in any form. I don’t agree with showing it off to everyone, but it is entirely different to showcase your husband all over you on the front cover of a “magazine”. The kids will be so honored one day!

    To the anonymous poster from the previous Mariah board, let’s not got to war on this;)

    • Chloe

      Agree, this does not celebrate the female body, it objectifies it.

  • Arianna

    This is like a Nick and Mariah overkill right now. I’m thrilled they’re happy to have this moment and two babies but how many times do we need to see them plastered all over magazines.

    His hands placed on her breast just remind me of Janet Jackson’s famous Rollin Stone cover…so for this is too much of a “trying to hard”.

    I think the human body is beautiful but one that should def. be kept sacred. JMO of course.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, Shes not the first woman to experience pregnancy. Its incredibly annoying. And lets face it, shes not even remotely significant as she once was…

  • Anonymous

    very distasteful photos, but not surprising given the subjects

  • Anonymous


  • Cindy

    Love Nick…can’t stand Mariah. She’s gotta have attention. And how many years ago was that done…the Janet Jackson shot? It was unique then…now it’s lame. Get over yourself, Mariah, and enjoy being a mother.

  • Anonymous

    What I find funny is that Nick went on his radio show last week saying that they only did L&S magazine because it comes out weekly they wanted to do the shot before the babies came, funny how they found time to do OK magazine also they so want attention at this point which is sad.

  • Anon

    I like Mariah, but this should have been kept for the personal archives. The ones last week were OK, but this wasn’t necessary. She said she did it for the fans but we got that ‘gift’ last week. This is attention seeking now Mimi. Nick published the letter he wrote to his unborn twins yesterday, I mean seriously?? I understand the excitement but that should be personal from him to his children. That’s a very tender moment between father and child that he shared with a bunch of stranger, it’s like buying a newspaper and having someone read through it first.

  • Janna

    What was this couple thinking? What was OK Magazine thinking?

    And I would LOOOOOOVE to meet the person standing in the checkout line at the store, who looks at this magazine cover and says “Yeah, I have to buy that!”. Who ARE these people?!?!

  • hlbronson

    I will never understand celebs who flaunt their naked, pregnant bodies on magazine covers for the world to see. Nothing is kept sacred and private anymore, it’s unfortunate…almost disrespecful to the baby.

  • Olivia

    Even though I don’t see breasts as sexual in and of themselves, this magazine has sexualized them in this picture. I feel that it’s inappropriate for the front cover of a magazine that people will see on the check-out line.

    • Arianna

      I agree. I don’t think it’s appropriate to be standing in line with my 5 year old nephew and having him standing there staring at this!! How do I explain this. And it’s not like you can avoid it unless we stop shopping and waiting in line for our items!

  • Jules

    I feel like this came right out a porno. Maybe it’s just Mariah’s face. She has a trashy look.

  • Sarah G.

    Talk about whoring out your pregnancy.

  • bonita

    Why don’t they just show the conception as well? This is one step under porn, with his hands over her breasts. Must we next watch her use the bathroom while pregnant? Pregnancy is a normal every day event, but I don’t recall seeing pictures of pregnant women gracing magazine covers….unless they need the publicity.

    • Laurie73

      Well put, Bonita. I’m bracing for the vag shot when Mimi is in labor. I’m sure we will be graced with pics of the afterbirth (aka, placenta) as well.

  • Anonymous

    Please, no, my eyeballs are burning! Why can’t some photos be private???

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry this looks GROSS and tasteless.. he looks about 17 and she looks like she is 50 it just looks gross and nasty sorry …

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry this looks GROSS and tasteless.. he looks about 17 and she looks like she is 50 it just looks gross and nasty sorry …

    • Janea

      I agree, Mariah is so funny looking and Nick is fine as hell!!!

  • Truthness M

    What happened 2 being a lady Mariah? It’ totally tasteless.m left feeling embarrassed 2b a woman right now.please !

  • Alma

    tasteless and classless….just like the 2 of them…YIKES

  • Kim

    I think nude preggo pics can be done tastefully, and you don’t have to show your children the revealing ones, although theirs will always be on the internet. I just hate this pose. It’s just really tacky to see maternity shots where the husband is covering the wife’s breasts. Around here belly with her covering herself or with a scarf around her breasts would have been much more tasteful.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly going over board! Too much details for the public, they has to be a limit and boundaries.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with the boob holding yuck . One thing is a normal naked pregnant picture like many that I have seen, but this is far from beautiful or artistic , this for me is almost porn!!

  • Anonymous

    i love nick and mariah but this picture is reallly crying “please look at me and give me attention” he’s really getting a feel out of her breats more than covering them.and the article is really corny I mean, come on, which pregnant woman doesnt think “i wish my babies would get off my bladder” at least 6 times a day??

  • Anonymous

    Everyone’s comments are cracking me up!!! I agree these pics are nasty. Not beautiful, not touching, they are horrid. I don’t have a problem with nudity either. BARF

    • k

      lols!! I couldn’t agree with you more.

      Extremely distasteful and nothing to do with being nude or pregnant, but all to do with the man really going in for a good old grope and the look on Mariahs face. YUK!!!!

    • Janna

      Well said! Agree 100%!

      The look on her face says to me, “What the hell am I doing?”… but we all remember Pregnancy Brain, right? I blame him for this.

  • Anonymous.


  • Anonymous

    Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but that pose is just too much. Have some clothes on Mariah you are not young and skinny anymore. Your kids will be ashame when they see the pictures.

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