Elizabeth Hurley & Arun Nayar Stay Civil For Damian

Elizabeth Hurley says she is determined to remain friends with estranged husband Arun Nayar for the sake of her nine-year-old son Damian, even allowing Arun to take the youngster on a vacation later this month. Damian is Elizabeth’s son with real estate tycoon Steve Bing.

“Arun and I decided to separate last October. We still get on really well though, and spend lots of time together,” The Austin Powers actress said. “Arun plays a major role in my son Damian’s life and is taking him to India for a week in the Easter holidays. Damian has coped with the changes really well.”

While refusing to disclose the reason for their split, Elizabeth nevertheless has always had high praise for her soon-to-be ex’s skills as a father. “Painful, sad days. Arun & I separated for private reasons but FTR he has been a great father to our son Damian & will always be in his life.” Elizabeth said via Twitter shortly after announcing their separation.

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  1. Anonymous

    So nice to see that some people can be adults and get past their differences for their children.

  2. TC

    I don’t know why she acting like she the bigger person when she the one who was having a public affair with Shane Warne and she make it sound like she was the victim but it’s nice to see Arun put his feeling a side to a father to her son even though that not his blood child.

  3. Anonymous

    That kid is dressed like a dork.

  4. Grandma of Four

    Wonder if Damian ever sees his biological father?

  5. Anonymous

    If she is so determined to stay friends with her ex-husband, why did she not try to make the relationship work. These so called stars, will leave a relationship so easily when they fall for someone else.

  6. Anonymous

    Most of the Film stars are by birth would not have spent life with their biological parents for a long time. Their genes are over tuned after they shine on the silver screens. None of the hollywood stars have lead a peaceful life with a single partner. This clearly shows that they don’t want to be trusted for a long time. Finally in the end their whole earned money goes into some one’s hand or to the drain. Most people lead their life on a false platform. They lead their lives on a platform which never existed !
    They trust power and money but not relation ships. One thing they forget is the core basics of evolution ” Neither you get anything while birth nor will take anything after death ”

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