Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ Expressive Girl

A-listers Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were spotted with their daughter Suri, who turns 5 next week, in New York City last night (April 12).

TomKat took turns carrying their expressive preschooler out of Il Cantinori restaurant after seeing the smash Broadway musical American Idiot.

Earlier in the evening, Katie made a surprise appearance on Late Show with David Letterman, and gave the ‘Top Ten Reasons I’m Presenting Tonight’s Top Ten List.’

Among her reasons: “Lost a bet with Tom,” and, “This and an hour of traffic school gets me out of a speeding ticket.”

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  1. Brooke

    She looks just like Tom in these pictures. Guess she’s not Ron Hubbard’s daughter after all.

  2. hlbronson

    The pic of Suri’s scrunched up face is the spitting image of Katie…oh my!

  3. Anonymous

    OMG! What is wrong with these Tom and Katie???!!! These pic are pitiful! Suri looks terrible! Keep her home late at night! Good grief!!!

  4. Anonymous

    She looks like she’s about to flip the paps the bird, lol. Pics are just lacking speech bubbles with some choice four letter ****s in them.

  5. Anonymous

    OMG!!The kid looks like she hasn’t had her hair brushed/washed in weeks!Looks like she’s having a complete melt-down,I guess that’s what happenes when you have your kid out at all hours of the night.

  6. Anonymous

    Dirty hair….check!
    Out late….check!
    No coat…check!
    Major tantrum…check!
    Clueless parents…check!

  7. Anonymous

    I think it looks like she is just trying to make funny (if unattractive) faces for the paparazzi. Katie looks too calm to be carrying a writhing 5 year old. And when Tom has her it looks like she is smiling and being silly. Probably a bit giddy at that late hour!

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t think she is having a trantrum either! She is just making faces at the paps. This poor girl…they are right in her face!!!!! I say it all the time…and I will say it again. This child should not be raised in Hollywood….there is too much interest iin her. Take her far far away…..let her have a NORMAL childhood!

  9. Anonymous

    What is wrong with Tom and Katie?? They’re certainly not doing that child any favors by allowing her to do her own “thing,” namely staying up until all hours, choosing her own clothing, doing whatever she wants to do, throwing a fit when she doesn’t get her own way, etc., — who is in charge in that family, Tom and Katie or Suri?? Looks to me like Suri is running the show. She’s turning into a first class brat and at the rate she’s going now, she won’t have any friends if she’s not careful. I definitely wouldn’t want her associating with my children; I’d be afraid my children might pick up her bad habits and behavior. Can you imagine what she’ll be like by the time she’s ten years old?? OMG!!!!!

  10. Arianna

    I’d have a tantrum too if I walked out of a building at midnight with flashing cameras! Suri is quite well expressive! I just have to wonder will they continue to carry her around wrapped in a blanket even at 10?? I can’t wait to find out lol!

  11. Angela

    American Idiot … a 5 year old? REALLY???

  12. Anon

    I think she is throwing a tantrum look at the picture were Tom is holding her or ones were she crying but its understandable because like most kids when they are sleepy they start to have milt downs she up late at night with people calling her name and flashing lights in her eyes. The only person to blame here is Tom and Katie if you see any photos of Suri in the day time she a lot happier and not bathed by the paparazzi but late at night her moods changes she cranky, sleepy and want nothing to do with the paparazzi and as her parents they should know how it affects their child and try to avoid taking her out late at night.

  13. Anonymous

    American Idiot?! 1) can’t imagine Tom Cruise EVER going to see that 2) What is a 5 year old doing there?
    I haven’t seen the musical itself, but as a Green Day fan I’m doubtful it’s ok for 5 yr olds to see.

  14. Anonymous

    wow! That is all i have to say!

  15. Rebecca

    That doesn’t look like Suri….. I mean I know it is, but she looks different. And what’s wrong with her throwing a tantrum? Most kids do at some point.

  16. Anonymous

    Why is everyone keep saying she’s out late? How do you know what time it is?

  17. Anonymous

    Tom looks embarrassed…

  18. Anonymous

    Why are they always carrying her? She is to big!

  19. Anonymous

    Last summer my family was in NYC and we asked around about the American Idiot musical (my kids like Green Day). We were told that it was absolutely NOT appropriate for a 10 and an 8 year old. Bad language, drug use, very sexual scenes….needless to say, we didn’t go….I guess Tom and Katie didn’t get the heads up?!

  20. TC

    Anonymous 6:48@ Don’t forget they see Suri as a mini adult so It would be ok for her to see a play with Bad language, drug use and very sexual scenes at the age of 5.

  21. Anonymous

    Why does katie carry her like she is an infant that cannot support her own head and cannot control her own body temperature. I dont even carry my 8 month old like that. Thats how i carried my son when he was a newborn. Katie’s supporting Suri’s head and has wrapped up in an infant blanket. Wow thats ridiculous.

  22. Anonymous

    I would be a little ticked off too if I was 5 and was constantly pursued by strange men with cameras. Tom & Katie are the A-listers and I can understand the interest in them (i.e. fans of their movies, whatever), but Suri is a child and it seems inappropriate for people to profit from stalking a child.

  23. Colleen

    If I am not mistaken, she has a coat around her, not a blanket. If papparazzi were around me and my kid that late at night with all that flashing, I would hold her that close too.
    I saw an interview recently where Katie said Suri is picky about what she wears and that sometimes they catch a photo at a certain time that looks like something else and people run with it.

  24. Anonymous

    wow kinda creepy how she suddenly got Tom’s face there…

  25. Anonymous

    Don’t believe she’s their biological child and I never will. I don’t think she looks anything like her dad who has very strong features. Genetically, that’s not impossible but nonetheless, improbable. She’s a scientology baby. No telling who the real dad is. The whole thing creeps me out. Anyone can clearly see that there is something off with this “family”. I don’t hate them or anything. In fact, once upon a time, I was a huge Tom Cruise fan but I stopped being a fan as he got weirder and weirder. There are some dark, dark secrets in that man’s life and Suri is just one of many. I don’t know what hold his “church” has on him but whatever it is, they have overtaken his very soul. His whole life is a lie now and it’s sad because he is, underneath the crazy, a really nice guy and an exceptionally talented actor.

    Also, though I can’t prove it because I am not in that house, I believe that Suri runs the show at all times and there is nothing normal about that either. I agree with those who say that she is going to be an unrivaled hellion when she gets old enough to REALLY exert her power. Suri Cruise is going to make all of the other Hollywood brats look like angels and altar boys. Just wait and see.

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