Courteney Cox & Coco In The Big Apple

After an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, actress Courteney Cox returned hand-in-hand with her 6-year-old daughter Coco to their New York City hotel (April 12).

Courteney and her estranged husband David Arquette did a joint interview with their friend Howard Stern this morning, where they talked about the reasons behind their split. Sex, she says, was a big one.

“Whenever I would need consoling from David, he could not literally put his arm around me for one second without completely getting a boner,” the former Friends star complained.

Adding that David is “very gregarious” while she’s more of a homebody, Courteney concluded, “The truth of the matter is that we love each other so much. We have such affection for each other but we are very different.”

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  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t this child go to school?
    I understand celebs. taking their children on some vacations, a child can learn a lot from life experiences, but a lot is said for consistency found in a school, surrounded by children their own age and professionally trained adults to help them develop.
    March break is long over!!!!!!!!!

    Celebs. appear to think that as long as the kid is young they can take their kids out of school. Don’t they understand that if they don’t learn the basic’s and appropriate social behaviour at a young age, they are going to have so much more struggles when they are older. AND who is going to have to be the one to deal with and be blamed if their child does not do well in school or has no friends and is bullied, the TEACHER!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hello, it’s April. Most schools have a week or two break right now. I’m taking my kids on vacation next week when they’re off school. Would you like to tell me what a bad mother I am?

    • Annonymous

      Lets see all the celebrity children who don’t go to school are homeschooled and get into the best universities oh yeah majority of them. Lets see all the celebrity children who are sent to school and get into the best universities..oh yeah barely any of them if not any. Lets see all the children who are bullied at school even though they showed up to the very first day at class and showed everyday oh yeah do you want me to name the whole list of bullied celebrities who were threatened everyday at school? or the ones who had to turn to homeschooling to avoid the bullying and threats they were recieving at school non stop? At this time of the month there are breaks in school in case you weren’t aware because you were too busy making up stuff and being ignorant

  • Elizabeth

    So are they divorcing or what?

  • Anonymous2

    How long did it take her to realize that they were very different??? Isn’t it something you of know right away when you go out with someone?

  • Anonymous

    personally it seems like shes going through a midlife crisis, and treating coco like a campaign not a child who should be in school!

  • Katie

    Geez, she is only 6 years old, not 10, she is probably starting school in August, or homeschooled. Relax anonymous #1 it`s not your kid, what the hell do you care. My son isn`t going to school till he is 6, I prefer to stay with him till then, he can learn a lot more from me then class of 30 with lousy teacher. Unless you live in LA and familiar with school system here, I`d say nothing at all if I were u.

  • Anonymous

    You people do know that there are such things called homeschooled and tutors right when she not in school they can have a tutor work with Coco so she does not get left behind.

    Anonymous 7:11pm@ are you saying the home schooled children are “uneducated and have no friends are bullied” Drama queen much and Coco has friends.

  • Grandma of Four

    Wonder what happened to “A Deal Is A Deal” that Courtney had inscribed in their wedding bands? Sounds like the DEAL is off and for reasons she knew full well existed BEFORE she married David. Guess it was not a BINDING Deal! Sad for their little girl! :- (

  • Ondine

    It seems she was willing to live up to her marriage commitment until she had a taste of a real man. Once you’ve had that, there is no going back to your husband who is such a boy. Yes he never lived up to his potential as her husband, still I hope he takes her to the cleaners in a divorce action. Even if she forced him out of their home, she is the one who broke up the marriage. So I hope she pays and pays and pays. This is why adultery is so dangerous. A taste of the forbidden fruit is enough to ruin your marital taste buds forever.

    • Anonymous

      So VERY true! I think she made a mistake….I think communication is the biggest factor here and that is something that could be worked on if both parties made the effort. Courtney needs to take some responsibility here and lighten up a bit….at least she has a husband that still finds her irresistible, some women get stuck with the jerks that don’t want anything to do with them after 15 years of marriage.

      Of course it is not my life or my decision, but when there are children involved, we should try EVERYTHING we can to make things work (except in cases of abuse or cheating). Maybe she had an emotional affair that she’s not admitting to, which will do just as much damage to a relationship as having sex with someone else….sometimes it’s even worse.

    • jesse

      It’s Davids fault for the divorce he’s an alcoholic and he’s paid midgets for some sexual activities. I really don’t think it’s safe for him to be with Coco his daughter he’s starting to sound too much like Charlie Sheen midget stuff and the alcohol. Didn’t he go to rehab too? What on Earth is with all these celebrity parents going to rehab? How hard is it to stay off drugs and alcohol when you have a child?? Coco deserves an APOLOGY from her father when she is older for the neglect of him from his alcholic ways, alcoholics are low.

      I hope he pays and pays COCO

  • Sophia

    Wow, Coco looks so grown up! And her hair has gotten so dark! She’s really cute 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Boy people sound ridiculous commenting (and so mean spirited too) on someone elses marriage when they have absolutely NO IDEA what they are talking about. No one knows these people at all and yet they feel they know that their daughter isn’t being cared for properly because one photo shows her with her mother on a trip, not at school. What the heck??!! Seriously, are all your marriages perfect? And I suppose your kids are all just little angels!

  • audrey

    I am confused. Wasn’t very long ago on this site many said
    marriage wasn’t important as long as they were “in love” or “committed”? Possibly it should be harder to marry than divorced.

  • audrey

    I am confused. Wasn’t very long ago on this site many said
    marriage wasn’t important as long as they were “in love” or “committed”? Possibly it should be harder to marry than divorced.

  • Anonymous

    What are you people taking about she should have try harder to make her marriage work David is a alcoholic his sitters and Courteney have said they tried to get David help for a long time and when they separated hr finally had his wake up call and got help. No one knows if Courteney had any type of affair not even David so I don’t know some of you do reading tabloids stories does not make it fact, they seem to be working it out and are both their for their daughter and that what matters.

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