Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary Reveal Twins’ Names

It was a big day for Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary and their lovely family. The proud parents took their newborn twins to be christened at the Church of Holmen in Copenhagen. Those babies are just so adorable!

The couple also finally revealed the names of their new children, who were born on January 8: Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander and Josefine Sofia Ivalo Mathilda.

Vincent and Josephine join older siblings Christian, 5, and Isabella, 3.

Congratulations again to the family!

Thanks to CBS reader Marilyn for the tip!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Lilou

    What BEAUTIFUL names! Seriously lovely choices.

  • alaina

    love the name Vincent and Josephine.also love the name Christian and Isabella.

  • Camila

    I didn’t like the names, I was hoping for names like Dagmar or Ingrid and Valdemar, traditional names in the Danish Royal Family.
    These babies are so cute! And they are much bigger than they were in the official photoshoot.

    I shuld have posted photos of Isabella and Christian too! They were beyond cute holding hands all the time! Christian looked like a little man in his little suit and Isabella was such a doll with her coral dress!

    Congratulations Frederik and Mary, you do have a lovely and gorgeous family!

  • Anonymous

    The spelling is Josefine not Josephine

    • Anonymous

      It’s Josephine cos the official website of Danish Royal House says so

  • Anonymous

    princess looks just like a princess. they’re beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    The spelling isn’t Josefine nor Josephine, their names are Josefina and Vicente!

    • Sophia

      Well the Danish Royal Family website says Vincent and Josephine, and I’m thinking the information on there is slightly more reliable than information from…. Anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    The correct spelling is Danish so it is HRH Prince Vincent Frederick Minik Alexander and HRH Princess Josefine Sofia Evalo Matilda the only spelling that wasnt danish was Matilda a nod to Australia. I didnt particularly like them because my grandmothers name is Josephine and it seemed quite old and dated I like it as Sofia Josefine sound more modern and it suits considering the name Isabella but they are cute kiddys! Love Mary

    • Sophia

      Um cool “Mary”

  • G

    Before anyone asks Minik and Ivalu are Greenlandic names and given more as a gesture wich is nice. I was bit disappointed with first names. I was hoping Henriatta/ette for a girl as it is a family name in both sides. I didn’t have any favourite name for the prince but Prince Vince is bit too much. They could be worse and other names are beautiful. I have even almost gotten used with ‘fina but Vincent will make me vince for a while.

  • dblvs123

    CP Mary looks fantastic and all the children look spectacular.

  • matilde

    i don’t like the names, but they are beautifull and princess isabella is unic and wanderfull. sche is fantastic

  • Anonymous

    nice names

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