Gwyneth Paltrow: “Taking Care Of Yourself Is Being There For Your Kids”

Mom-of-two Gwyneth Paltrow graces the May cover of Self and opens up about staying in great shape and keeping her kids – Apple, turning 7, and Moses, 5 – active.

On her active kids: “Being active is part of our life. Moses is 5 now and Apple’s turning 7, and they dance around with me. Apple is really into ballet and flamenco dancing now! Taking care of yourself is being there for your kids, like how on a plane, they tell you to put on your oxygen mask first.”

On her self image: “I saw a shot of myself in Barbados and was, like, all my hard work paid off! I’m 38, I have two kids, and I feel good.”

On what inspires her: “I go with my instincts. We’re capable of pushing ourselves and doing whatever we want to do. You live one time, so be your best self.”

To read more of the interview with Gwyneth, visit Self.

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  • Anonymous

    I try really hard to like her but when she says stuff like what she said about her self image… it just rubs me the wrong way. There’s a difference between confident and conceited.

  • Anonymous

    i would look like that too if i had millions of dollars to pay nannies to watch my children while my personal trainer helped me get into shape and my personal chef/nutritionist prepared every meal, that my housekeeper cleaned up. yep, i would look damn good. too bad i don’t have any of that. ahhh well.

    • Zoe

      I understand what your saying that it is easier for her to spend time taking care of herself because she has the money to afford help, although I think that her overall message is that in order to be there for your family you must take care of yourself first. I know its hard to juggle kids, husbands, and careers on top of taking time for yourself but I feel that its worth it. I get up at five everyday to do a workout video before my kids wake up so that I can stay fit and feel good about myself and most importantly so that I can be healthy for my family. It sucks having to wake up so early but the end product is so worth it.

  • Anonymous

    Gwyn may be an Oscar-winner and an A-lister, but based on what comes out of her mouth these days, she’s not going to win any popularity contests, that’s for sure!

  • alaina

    conceited much

    • Tina

      She is so conceited and she should just admit her marraige is a sham.

  • GraceL

    Who cares if she is proud of herself for working out, I think its sad that we put people down for saying good things about themselves-personally I think that having a high self esteem is a good thing. I understand that she may come off as sounding conceited but she has a really good life and why shouldn’t she be happy about it

  • Anonymous

    …and a really good photoshopper! Good for her, being so confident. I will say tho most people could likely have that body with a personal trainer and vigorours workout for hrs a day, but some people have to work a real job and take care of their kids on their own. Which I think is way more admirable then being able to sport a binkin in Barbados. whoopdeefrickendooo!!

  • Anonymous

    Depending on who is conducting the interview, Gwyneth has different responses regarding her workout regime. Yes, in all instances she shills for Tracy Anderson, but sometimes she says it’s 6 days a week for 2 hours and in this interview it’s 5 days and so on. If this is any indication, I have to wonder about other possible inconsistencies and whether anything GP says can be taken seriously.

    Personally, I think she goes overboard in crediting Anderson with “re-shaping” her body as I see very little difference over the years. Gwyneth is one of those lucky few who is blessed with a certain body type and no amount of (extreme) exercise or dieting can change an individual’s body type — i.e. a muscular mesomorph can’t be converted to an lean, thin ectomorph no matter what Tracy Anderson claims.

    • Anonymous

      She said in an interview I just read that when she is preparing for a film she works out 6 days a week for 2 hours and when she isn’t doing anything she is just does an hour to an hour and a half for 5 days.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great, and her body has changed over the years. She is far more toned than she was a couple of years ago. I’ve seen the bikini shots she’s referring to and she looks amazing. She has a right to be proud of her body. Sure, not everyone can afford a personal trainer to come around every day, but the vast majority of people could take an hour or two a day to go for a long walk, a swim, or do some yoga at home. I’m sick of hearing people say ‘well, if I had her money, I’d look like her too’. If you had her drive and ambition, you’d probably be as successful as her as well… If you’re an overweight couch potato, deal with it, and stop projecting your insecurities about your own failings onto people like Gwyneth!

    • Anonymous

      I agree that it’s insecurity with a lot of people, but in this case, I think she’s being conceited

    • Anonymous

      lol, i agree with you. i know tons of people who aren’t as rich, but look just as good. the gym i go to has a kid club and moms just drop their kids there while they workout. ladies, you don’t need a nanny to be fit.

    • AnonymousOne

      Its not the part about being fit that irks me. It’s the inconsistency with her words to her actions. She says everything she does is for her kids? That is BS. it’s all about her. If she was honest and said I need to do blah blah blah in order to feel good about myself, I could respect her.

      • Tara

        I said basically the same thing. She would be more likable if she owned up to it.

  • Annika

    I think she looks great, however I personally don’t like the message she is trying to get through.
    Extreme workout, extreme dieting, “pushing ourselves”, it’s way too much multi-tasking for a wife and mother of 2 small children. She is a movie star, she is a country singer or something now, a chef, a lifestyle guru, it seems like she is at every premiere… Although a talented woman, something must come short. Unfortunately insecure mere mortals out there would aspire to be like her and that can be dangerous.

  • Tara

    Her core message that you need to be healthy so that you can be there for your kids is admirable. However everything she says is directed at “herself” and how magnanimous she is.

    Additionally if her children were here “top priority” why does she inject herself into everything ELSE BUT her kids. Unless her children are her constant travel companions, which is troubling in itself for school age kids, she has been photographed at 12 different events promoting herself this past week. That makes Gwyneth the priority not the children.

    • Anonymous

      Very true!

    • Cecelia

      She took her kid to legoland for his birthday LOL. Probably a photo op, or maybe she is now trying to be a master Lego builder. Ughh she is horrid.

      But a great body nonetheless.

    • Anonymous

      She is promoting herself because she has a new book out and that is her JOB. She doesn’t need to spend 24 hours with her children to be a good parent to them-they also have a father who is probably there when she is not. She has the right to want to work and its unfair for others to criticize her for that. She has a lot of opportunities right now to advance her career and why shouldn’t she take advantage of those? Just because she works does not mean that her children are not her number one priority. I am a stay at home mom but I just don’t understand why we feel the need to put others down for wanting to work and having a life outside of their children.

      • AnonymousOne

        Relax. Everyone has a right to their opinion. You seem a tad uptight. Get a life

        • Katty

          You are right everyone has the right to their own opinion which is why you shouldn’t judge the comment above. Perhaps you should get a life!

      • Tara

        No one is knocking working moms here and I think it’s wrong you try to provoke something when it’s not there. I too am a stay at home mom, whatever that heck that means- because I work my a** off 24 hours a day.

        I have no issue with celebrities working, you are correct it’s their job. However gwynethh constantly tries to assuage her obvious guilt feelings by using the argument ” I do this for my kids…”. It’s BS and she should just be honest and say she enjoys her life and the perks it gives her. Do not try to play both sides of the mommy board. It’s dishonest.

        • Aliccia

          People that are bored like to stir the pot. I actually really like Gwyneth but do not see anything bad in your comment. Don’t worry- I am a working mom.

  • Anonymous

    Why is she on the cover of SELF, a health magazine? She has an unhealthy relationship with food which is probably exacerbated by the extreme Tracy Anderson diet (I just read somewhere that it is 800 cals a day). She has the early signs of brittle bone disease (osteopenia) and she talks like she obsesses over every bit that goes in her mouth. And no, I’m not an overweight jealous person – I’m probably around her size.

  • Anonymous

    I have always thought that she is beautiful and I certainly admire her work ethic! She looks fantastic but it seems a shame that she consistently emphasizes and pours an incredible amount of energy into looking a certain way. Granted, this is all part of the business she’s in but what message is this sending her daughter?

  • Audrey

    She sounds like she has good self-esteem. It’s ok to put yourself first ocassionally. Afterall it was an interview – they ask questions, she answers them.

    And I don’t see any signs of bone disorders or eating disorders.

  • Audrey

    She seems to have good self-esteem. And there is nothing wrong about putting yourself first every now and then. And this was from an interview (Self) – they ask questions, she answers them – so her remarks don’t seem odd to me..

    She looks healthy not as if she has a bone disorder or eating disorder. If I had her genes, her resources and determination I might look as good her too. I don’t but good for her anyway.

    • Anonymous

      I think you need to educate yourself about “osteoporosis” . It doesn’t necessarily manifest itself in a tell tale “dowager’s hump” and in fact, it’s often called the silent thief because it is not self-evident.

  • Anonymous

    It’s unfortunate that GP’s ‘hard earned bikini body’ (as described on various other sites) may well have been achieved at cost to her health. The restrictive diet and aggressive exercise regimen no doubt have contributed to her developing OSTEOPOROSIS — she has admitted to this but blames inadequate vitamin d levels.

    Truly, this level of narcissism and obsession often have negative consequences! Note to Audrey — a photo in a magazine doesn’t tell the whole story and I am sure that deep down you are not naive enough to believe it does.

    • AnonymousMomfromphilly

      As an RN I could not have said it better. And to be fair her kids will be burdened with looking after their crippled mom, so she had done them no favor at all.

      • saramay

        If i remember correctly when she admitted to having brittle bones she was writing in her blog about how she realized how important it is take care of herself to prevent future damage. Her admission was based on providing awareness which seems to show that she took the diagnoses seriously and thus will not be crippled or burdening her children.

        • AnonymousMomfromPhilly

          May I ask your medical qualifications? Her self I posed dietary restrictions due to this obsession of hers with youth, partnered with deficiency of calcium, certain proteins and vitamin D, C and A will CERTAINLY cause osteoporosis and muscle apathy which will result in crippling of the joints and bones in later years.

          It has absolutely nothing to do with working out- it has to do with her diet. She has NOT corrected that at all. She is 38 years old. Since she continued this behavior for over a decade no amount of change can UNDO the damage already done.

          • AnonymousMomfromPhilly

            *self imposed*

    • Anonymous

      Note to you as well anonymous-inadequate vitamin D levels do cause brittle bones I know this because my sister was just diagnosed with it and told by her doctor to up her vitamin D intake. Also I don’t understand why everyone cares how much she works out, an hour a day is certainly not aggressive!

      • Anonymous

        Hi, I am well-versed on osteoporosis and did not dispute the fact that low vitamin d levels puts you at risk. Being underweight and not getting adequate nutrition and following a restrictive diet like Gwyneth are also risk factors. In her case, I am doubtful that low vitamin d is the sole cause – she spends a fair amount of time in LA for goodness sake.

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