Josh Holloway Talks Life After Lost

Almost a year after the gang at Lost called it quits, actor Josh Holloway tells Parade that life is great. After six years in Hawaii, Josh, his wife Yessica and their 2-year-old daughter Java relocated to Los Angeles, where he’s keeping busy with work and Wonder Pets marathons. The handsome star has also teamed with Nature Valley and the National Parks Conservation Association to help with national parks preservation projects.

On being a “nature child:” “My father’s a fanatic for national parks, and every childhood trip was pretty much to national parks. When this opportunity came down the line, I was thrilled. I connect with the message of preserving the parks and ensuring our future generations will be able to enjoy them. I have a two-year-old daughter, so all those things are really coming to fruition for me now.”

On introducing Java to the great outdoors: “I’m going to be taking her all over, but we’ll probably start with Yosemite. I absolutely love Yosemite. That is a beautiful park and it’s right here in California. Also, Grand Teton National Park because we’re in the process of getting our cabin right now in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.”

On his favorite TV shows: “Well, the ones I definitely watch every week are kind of different. They’re Yo Gabba Gabba! and Wonder Pets. That’s what I watch every week. I really don’t have a show since I’ve had my little girl. I don’t have a lot of time for TV, so I’m more of a movie guy now. I rent movies.”

On life after Lost: “It’s great! Are you kidding me? It’s great and it’s trippy. As an actor, it seems like we’re always trying to get a job, so when you actually have a job, it’s just amazing to get to work on your art on a daily basis and do what you love. It’s been hard because I’m used to working, and I mean working hard because Lost was a machine. We put in the hours there and now it’s just like coming out of a concert – your ears are ringing and you’re like, ‘Wow, is it over?’ But we are settling in our life here in California and I’m really just trying to play chess with my next role.”

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  • the eyes are the windows to the soul

    Yo gabba gabba is awesome. Knowing josh watches it is soooo sweet. I just love love love love josh.

  • Anonymous

    Java? Is that jay-vuh or jah-vuh? I can deal with jay-vuh but jah-vuh is just embarrassing.

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