Ali Larter & Theodore: Sunday Is Son Day

Ali Larter and her adorable 4-month old son Theodore had a mother-son lunch at M Cafe in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (April 17).

Looks like little Theodore couldn’t wait and got busy making an appetizer out of his hand.

Ali recently talked about leaving her son for the first time to return to walk, calling it “absolutely traumatic in every way.”

“I feel like all the working moms out there know how difficult it is and I think it’s the great equalizer in life once you have a child,” the actress said.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Sarah G.

    Aww!!! What a cute fat little baby! ♥

  2. Anonymous

    Stunning woman and adorable baby!!!!

  3. May

    Oh God! Theodore is the cutest!

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe someone can show her how to hold a baby.

  5. Anonymous

    You look fabulous, but please don’t wear pyjamas when you go out for lunch!

  6. Anna

    Did she really go out to lunch in pajamas?

  7. Anonymous

    She is holding the baby just fine. This is a pretty common hold, especially for colicky babies. I would know!!

  8. Anonymous

    awww, what a little chunker. Too cute. and yes, you can hold a baby that way, it’s actually very comfortable for them. Just look at the baby, he doesn’t seem bothered. If it were uncomfortable, you can believe that a baby will fuss!

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